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Resource Category Topic Type
Contaminated Cloths and Laundering
Environmental Health & Safety Hazardous Materials Management Instruction & Training
Lockout/Tagout Procedures
Environmental Health & Safety Occupational Safety Plan
Copyright Disclosure Form
Commercialization Intellectual Property Form
Coronavirus Developments and Sponsored Research
Form used to record proposed cost share for a sponsored program
Proposals Administrative Form
Cost Sharing & Matching Funds Resources
Award/Funding Management Administrative Resource
UNH policy on proposing and managing cost share on a sponsored program
Proposals Administrative Form
Cost Sharing Procedures
Award/Funding Management, Proposals Guidance
Cost Transfer Justification Form
Award/Funding Management Administrative Form
Award/Funding Management Form
UNH Crane and Hoist Safety Program
Compliance & Safety Environmental Health & Safety Plan
Data management and access information
Compliance & Safety Data Management Resource
Delegation of Institutional Official Responsibilities
OSVPR Administrative Report
Ventilation Shutdown Procedures Demerrit Hall
Environmental Health & Safety Chemical Safety Plan
Sample Budget Justifications
Proposals Administrative Form
Resources to support development of the broader impacts component of NSF projecst or other outreach activities at UNH, and lists of potential partners
Core Facilities & Campus Resources, Research Development Proposal Development: General Resource
Federal Salary Cap FAQs
Award/Funding Management, Proposals Administrative, Budget, Proposal Development: Proposal Sections Guidance
Summary of Practical Disinfectants
Environmental Health & Safety Biological Safety Tool
Do's & Don'ts for International Shipping - Posted March 20, 2020
Compliance & Safety Export Control Guidance
Do's & Don'ts for International Travel and Activities - Posted March 20, 2020
Compliance & Safety Export Control Guidance