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At UNH, ‘research’ encompasses exploration in all academic endeavors, from science and math to the humanities and arts. This website is a gateway to the spectrum of UNH research, providing information and support for researchers, businesses, and others who seek connection and opportunity. Leadership and support for the research community is provided by the Research Office led by Senior Vice Provost for Research Jan Nisbet.

  • Without road improvements, rising groundwater caused by increasing ocean water levels could lead to more road repairs and closures. Photo credit: Rebecca Zeiber/NH Sea Grant
    UNH Research Finds Seacoast Roads Under New Threat From Rising Sea Level
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  • Depiction of the hypothalmus, pituitary and gonads of male and female rock doves. Illustration by Natalia Duque.
    UNH Researchers Find that Gene Expression in Brain Regions of Doves Differs Between Males and Females
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  • UNH Research Finds Majority of Americans Trust Science Agencies for Information about Climate Change
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  • The conflict in Syria has destroyed much of the country’s water infrastructure-Credit Bigstock
    Sowers to Investigate Environmental Infrastructure Targeting in Middle Eastern Wars
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  • An invasive seaweed, Dasysiphonia japonica, has significantly altered the ocean floor in the Gulf of Maine. Photo by Kristen Mello.
    Significant Increase of Invasive Seaweed Is Changing Sea Habitats in the Gulf of Maine
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