X-Ray Safety

Program Management

The X-Ray Protection Program at UNH oversees the safe use of X-Ray devices on campus. It provides guidance for the compliance with the NH Rules for the Control of Radiation regulated by the Radiological Health Section of the State of NH Health and Human Services. 
X-Ray Protection Program at UNH


Areas in which radiation-producing machines are used or stored must have proper postings.  State regulations require that a copy of the machine registration as well as a current "Notice to Employees" be visibly posted.
Notice to Employees
X-Ray State Registration


All X-ray and radiation-producing machine users are required to complete a training course upon assignment to labs containing X-ray devices, and annually thereafter as a refresher.  This training is available on-line.  Please contact the UNH Radiation Safety Officer to obtain the link for this training.

X-Ray Surveys

X-Ray surveys are conducted biannually by the Radiation Safety Officer, or qualified designee. 
X-Ray Inspection Checklist

State of New Hampshire Regulations

He-P 4040-4061

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Emergency Contact

Radiation Safety Officer
Office: (603) 862-4041
Cell: (603) 312-2500
Email: unh.rso@unh.edu