Award Management

After an award has been issued and the terms and conditions of the award have been agreed to by both parties, it is the responsibility of the University to ensure that the obligations of the agreement are met. Because a variety of different issues may arise during this phase of a sponsored project, it is important to review the notice of award for specifics. Please contact your GCA if you are unsure of any of the following guidelines or terms and conditions of the award:


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Contact Information

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Phone: (603) 862-4865
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The University of New Hampshire is committed to ensuring employees are not subject to reprisals for “whistleblowing” alleged mismanagement or abuse related to a Federal contract or grant.

Claims of alleged misconduct can be submitted anonymously at the USNH Internal Audit Anonymous Hotline at (link is external).

On the Durham campus, claims also can be submitted to Human Resources (862-0501) and Sponsored Programs Administration (862-2001).

Details: Notice to Employees Regarding Federal Pilot Program for Enhancement of Employee Whistleblower Protection