John Olson Advanced Manufacturing Center

Commercializing UNH’s innovations disseminates the hard work and years or research conducted by faculty, staff and students, which attracts new research partners and avenues for funding. The university’s research base of over $100 million creates positive institutional and social change and helps cement UNH as a world-class research institution and economic engine.

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UNHInnovation manages, protects, and commercializes UNH's intellectual assets and serves as the first point of contact for companies looking to engage with UNH.

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Intellectual Property

Commercializing UNH’s intellectual property is one of the main points in UNH's strategic plan. Learn more about intellectual property management and the commercialization process.

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Connections for Business

UNH is one of the largest research and development centers in New Hampshire and there are many ways the university can help your business or organization grow and thrive.

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