Hazard Communication: Labeling

To better acclimate you to the new labeling requirements the following is an example of what containers will be required to have on them starting in June 2015.  Chemical manufacturers are already labeling their containers according to the revised OSHA Hazard Communication standard and GHS however, it will not be until June 2015 where it will become the standard.  All labels, as shown in the example below, under the new HazCom/GHS standard are required to have the following:

  1. Product Identifier
  2. Pictogram
  3. Signal Word
  4. Hazard Statement
  5. Precautionary Statement
  6. Supplier Information
Sampla GHS Label

The Product Identifier is how the chemical is identified, the chemical name, code number, product name.  It is what should correspond to the applicable Safety Data Sheet.

Pictograms are graphic symbols used to communicate specific hazard information about the chemical.  Nine pictograms are used worldwide.  The example above shows two.  Click on the pictogram link to review all nine that you could encounter on a chemical label.

The Signal Word is used to indicate the relative severity of the hazard and alert you to the potential hazards identified on the label.  Under GHS there are only two Signal Words, “Warning” and “Danger.”  Warning signifies chemicals with a less severe hazard while Danger signifies a more significant hazard.  Only one will be on a label. 

Hazard Statements describe the nature of the chemical hazards and where necessary the degree of hazard.  As shown in the example above the Hazard Statement indicates “Toxic if Swallowed, Flammable Liquid and Vapor.”

Precautionary Statements are a phrase that indicates what you can do to minimize or prevent exposures, respond to emergencies, storage, and disposal.

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