Hazardous Waste Management

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The Office of Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for ensuring that all regulated wastes are managed in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations. EHS personnel provide technical assistance and guidance to members of the University community on proper handling, storage, and disposal of wastes generated from research, teaching, maintenance, and construction activities. Safe, efficient, and environmentally sound management of chemical, universal, radioactive and biohazardous wastes from generation to disposal is of primary importance to the University.

Wastes are regulated by several state and federal agencies on the UNH campus:

Hazardous (Chemical) Waste: The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services' Hazardous Waste Rules (NHDES Env-Wm 110-1000) govern the management of chemical waste under the authorization of EPA.
Universal Waste: Universal waste is a category of hazardous (chemical) waste that during accumulation and transport poses a low risk to health and environment. These wastes include batteries, lamps, antifreeze, cathode ray tubes, pesticides and mercury containing devices. The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services' Universal Waste Rules (NHDES Env-Wm 1100 (link is external)) govern the management of universal waste.
Radioactive Waste: The New Hampshire Radiological Health Section is authorized by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to regulate handling and disposal of radioactive waste.
Biohazardous Waste: Biohazardous waste is managed in accordance with NHDES Solid Waste Rules(Env-Sw 904 Infectious Waste).

Compliance with these stringent regulations is a joint effort between University faculty and staff and OEHS personnel.

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Hazardous Waste Pick-up Request Form

Contact Information

Marty McCrone, Hazardous Waste Manager
Phone: (603) 862-3526
Email: marty.mccrone@unh.edu

David Edwards, Hazardous Waste Coordinator
Phone: (603) 862-0683
Email: david.edwards@unh.edu