Chemical Ordering Instructions

UNH Chemical Ordering Instructions

Orders for all hazardous chemicals and regulated biological agents should be shipped to the Chemical Transfer Station where EH&S will barcode the chemical containers and collect relevant information for the UNHCEMS® Chemical Inventory Management program. EH&S will attempt to deliver all packages received at the Chemical Transfer Station to the end user the same day they are received.  

Before placing an order for new chemicals, please check the surplus chemical list in UNHCEMS® where the chemical may be available at NO COST.​

What types of materials should be sent to the Chemical Transfer Station?
Generally speaking, containers should be sent to the EH&S Chemical Transfer Station if:

  • Safety Data Sheet lists hazards in Section 2; or
  • Container shows hazard pictograms on the label

Orders for Chemistry Department
Orders for the Chemistry Department should be shipped directly to the Chemistry Stockroom.

Heavy Materials/Packages Handling
Single containers and packages weighing more than 75 pounds (34 kg) require special arrangements and must not be sent to the Chemical Transfer Station.  Arrange to have the items shipped directly to the lab, then notify  603-862-4041 to arrange to have the material(s) bar-coded.

Ethanol for Laboratories
Researchers are authorized the purchase ethanol from any vendor.  However, the UNH Facilities Warehouse recommends ordering ethanol through Fisher Scientific (using UShop) as they have arranged for reduced rates for UNH Research customers. To place an ethanol order through Fisher Scientific (in UShop), utilize the UNH Facilities and Fisher cost quote# 2084-0017-05 for the products listed below:

ALL orders of Ethanol MUST be Shipped to:
            6 Leavitt Lane
            Durham New Hampshire 03824
            Attn: [Your Name; Building; and Room Number]

NOTE: Shipment of containers to 6 Leavitt Lane is only for ethanol and is a requirement of the State of New Hampshire Alcohol License Board, all other chemicals are shipped to 11 Leavitt Lane

Contact the UNH Facilities Warehouse staff Ray Benedict or Robert Oelschlager with questions about ethanol orders, below:

Ray Benedict (; or
Robert Oelschlager (

Ethanol will be barcoded for entry into your UNHCEMS inventory and delivered by OEHS.

Ordering through USHOP
A number of vendors (Fisher Scientific, Sigma, VWR, etc.) are directly linked to UNH Accounts through the USHOP portal. 

All hazardous chemical container orders placed through UShop must be shipped to EH&S through the UNH Chemical Transfer Station at the address below:

[Your Name, Building and Room #]
UNH Chemical Transfer Station
11 Leavitt Lane
Perpetuity Hall
Durham, NH 03824

The following Account and Commodity Codes should be assigned for all research chemical orders through UShop:

Account code: 711200; Research Supplies
Commodity code: SUPRS003; Supplies – Research – Chems inc. Bio, Gaseous Matl

For more information on how to place orders through vendors in UShop, visit the USNH Procurement Office SharePoint site.

Ordering with a PCard
When placing chemical orders with a PCard, Use this "ship-to" address:

[Your Name, Building and Room #]
UNH Chemical Transfer Station
11 Leavitt Lane
Perpetuity Hall
Durham, NH 03824

If you have any questions on making chemical orders, feel free to contact Tom Fenton at (603) 862-2571.

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