Resource Category Topic Type
NSF Plan for Safe and Inclusive Off-Campus Research Workplace – Two Page Supplemental
A draft template that UNH researchers can use if they are applying to NSF programs that require a specific 2-page supplemental document on fieldwork s...
Proposals Administrative Resource
National Science Foundation PAPPG Changes 2023
Highlights on revisions of NSF’s PAPPG (NSF 23-1)
Award/Funding Management, Proposals Administrative Guidance
Summer Salary Form
Worksheet to help determine summer salary
Award/Funding Management Administrative Form
F&A Waiver Guidance
F&A Waiver Guidance
Proposals Administrative Guidance
Find your PreAward Grant and Contract Administrator
List of grant and contract administrators assigned by department for assistance in managing proposal submission.
Administrative Resource
EH&SO Annual Report 2019
Annual Report for the Office of Environmental Health & Safety 2020
Environmental Health & Safety Administrative Report
Residual Balance Form
Form to request residual balance transfer
Award/Funding Management Administrative Form
Residual Balance Guidance
This guideline describes the treatment of residual funds pertaining to fixed-price awards from externally funded sponsored programs.
Award/Funding Management Administrative Guidance
NSF Sexual Harassment for Conferences
The University of New Hampshire is committed to creating and maintaining a community dedicated to the advancement, application and transmission of kno...
Award/Funding Management Administrative Guidance
Procedures for Grant-related Expenses
Prior to posting any expenses to a grant, it is the responsibility of the Financial Support Specialist/Business Service Assistant to ensure the expens...
Award/Funding Management Administrative Guidance