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At UNH, ‘research’ encompasses exploration in all academic endeavors, from science and math to the humanities and arts. This website is a gateway to the spectrum of UNH research, providing information and support for researchers, businesses, and others who seek connection and opportunity. Leadership and support for the research community is provided by the Research Office led by Senior Vice Provost for Research Jan Nisbet.

  • Little brown bat
    UNH Researchers Find that Some Bats Develop Resistance to Deadly White-nose Syndrome
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  • North American Border Conflicts: Race, Politics, and Ethics by French and Manzanarez
    North American Border Conflicts: Race, Politics, and Ethics
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  • Artist's illustration depicting record-breaking tidal disruption event (TDE) Credit: CXC/M. Weiss
    UNH Researchers Witness Giant Black Hole Gnawing on a Star Meal for a Decade
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  • Yellow-banded bumble bee (Bombus terricola) Credit: Sam Droege/USGS
    UNH Researchers Concerned About the Number of Native Bumble Bees in the White Mountain National Forest
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  • Jiang, Y. and Li, Y. (2016), 3D Printed Chiral Cellular Solids with Amplified Auxetic Effects Due to Elevated Internal Rotation . Adv. Eng. Mater.. doi:10.1002/adem.201600609
    UNH Researchers Develop Unique Approach to Altering the Behavior of Foam Materials
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