Craft a Competitive Proposal

Creating a competitive proposal involves more than just writing a project description. Research Office units specialize in helping you with crafting all the components needed to present your plans and expertise in a concise, compelling way that meets all the sponsor’s requirements. And if your proposal is declined, there’s help with deciding how to moving forward. 

Proposal Development Services breaks down which Research Office can help you with the various components of your proposal.

Collaboration & Team Building provides resources and tools to help you find collaborators and work effectively with them.

Developing Broader Impacts and Outreach Activities provides a sampling of resources to support development of the broader impacts component of your NSF project or other outreach activities at UNH.  A Potential Partners section lists partners (within UNH and beyond) that have indicated they’re interested in working with UNH researchers and project directors .

Proposal Writing & Development provides links to guidance and advice from government sponsors; resources developed by Research and Large Center Development Office staff for creating effective proposals to those sponsors; resources for using graphics and data visualization to enhance your proposal, project design, statistics and data analysis, and an evaluation and assessment toolkit; and links to general tools such glossaries of grant making terms and acronyms, citation and style guides, and dictionaries and thesauruses to help make the most effective use of every word in your proposal.

The RD Digital Library contains resources developed by Research and Large Center Development Office staff for creating effective proposals and complying with sponsor requirements, other resources to help you learn about sponsors, and resources for addressing targeted needs.

Workshop Resources provides descriptions, slides, and often video recordings, of presentations addressing a variety of grant related topics, including sponsor- and program-specific tips and hints.

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base contains forms, instruction and training material, minutes, policies, tools and other resources to support your research efforts by topic area.

UNH Research and Large Center Development office contacts

Caitlin Aspinall
Senior Associate
Phone: (603) 862-2497

Lynnette Hentges
Senior Associate
Phone: (603) 862-2002

Michael Thompson
Phone: (603) 862-5255

Mark Milutinovich
Executive Director
Phone: (603) 862-5338

Ruth Davis
Program Assistant
Phone: (603) 862-2410

RLCD Main Office:
303 Thompson Hall