Compliance & Safety

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Compliance and safety are integral to the responsible conduct of research, and are vital components of rigorous and ethical research conducted according to professional and institutional standards of integrity. 

Compliance and Safety Programs

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Animal Care & Use

UNH's verbrate animal care and use program ensures the humane care and use of vertebrate animals in UNH's research and instructional activities. The resources on this webpage help investigators and instructors navigate the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) review process, and include training, application materials and meeting schedule.
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Human Subjects

Use of human subjects is an integral part of UNH research activities.  To safeguard their rights and welfare, UNH has a program for the protection of human subjects in research.  This webpage provides resources for researchers to navigate the Institutional Review Board (IRB) review process, including training, application materials and meeting schedule.  
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Environmental Health & Safety

UNH's Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) works to maintain a safe and healthy environment for the campus community.  This website provides information on OEHS's health, safety, and compliance programs, including training, and resources. 
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Responsible Conduct of Research & Scholarly Activity

UNH has a Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) and Scholarly Activity program to foster a climate of integrity in research and scholarship. This webpage provides information on sponsors' RCR training requirements and UNH's RCR training  and other RCR resources. 
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Research Data Management

Responsible data management practices are integral to the integrity of research activities. This webpage provides guidance and resources to enable and promote responsible research data management, including training and educational opportunities, as well as information about UNH's policy on Ownership, Management, and Sharing of Research Data.
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Conflict of Interest & Commitment

To protect the integrity of its research and scholarly activities, UNH has policies related to the disclosure and management of outside interests and commitments.  This webpage provides information and guidance about UNH's disclosure requirements, training and disclosure forms.
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Export Controls

UNH has a program to ensure institutional compliance with federal export controls regulations. This webpage provides information about the various sets of regulations, UNH's training and other resources.
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Foreign Influence 

UNH strongly supports international collaboration and values its partnerships with universities and other organizations worldwide; however, it is important that all faculty members understand the current regulatory and enforcement landscape. 
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Misconduct in Scholarly Activity

Conduct that reflects the values of objectivity, honesty, openness, fairness, accountability and stewardship are fundamental to the integrity of scholarly activity.  Accordingly, UNH has a policy and procedures for handling allegations of misconduct in scholarly activity, and provides resources to promote integrity in research and scholarship.
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The resources on this page provide information about UNH's compliance with HIPAA, including an online training module, FAQs, and contact information for assistance with HIPAA Privacy and Security questions.
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Controlled Substances

UNH must comply with federal and state laws and regulations regarding the use, storage and disposal of controlled substances used for campus research, scholarly activity, and analytical purposes. This webpage provides information about UNH's program and policy on the use of controlled substances.
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