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Web Resources

  • COALESCE Project - TEAMSCIENCENew, durable, readily accessible on-line learning resources to enhance skills needed to perform transdisciplinary, team-based translational research
  • Collaboration and TEam Science:  A Field GuideNational Cancer Institute
  • Creating and Maintaining Partnerships Part of the The Community Tool Box, a service of the  Center for Community Health and Development at the University of Kansas

  • Leading Large Transdisciplinary Projects Addressing Social-Ecological Systems: Insights from the authorsThe authors of the Leading Large Transdisciplinary Projects Addressing Social-Ecological Systems primer provide insights on developing, managing, and completing large social-ecological systems projects. The videos present lessons learned and provide key advice for people writing proposals for transdisciplinary projects.

  • SHAPE-ID TOOLKITResources for researchers from any discipline, but particularly the Arts, Humanities,  and Social Sciences, organized around goals users might want to achieve, such as understanding interdisciplinary research/transdisciplinary research (IDR?TDR), funding collaborative research, evaluating IDR/TDR or developing IDR/TDR research skills.

  • Team Collaboration AgreementsCollaboration agreements are specific partnering agreements between collaborators that cover areas where collaboration tends to break down:  authorship, roles and responsibilities, project timelines and milestones, group dissolution, data management agreements, etc.  This resource has some tools to help you draft agreements for your collaboration.

  • Team Science Tool KitNational Cancer Institute's  interactive website to help you support, conduct, and study team-based research
  • TEAM Science.netNational Institutes of Health's on-line learning tool for team-based biomedical research
  • Ten Simple Rules for a Successful CollaborationGiven that collaboration is crucial, how do you go about picking the right collaborators, and how can you best make the collaboration work?
  • Transdisciplinary Approaches Webinar Series

    Webinars in the series so far:
     > Transdisciplinary Approaches: What They Are and Why They’re Important
     >  The Science of Team Science
     >  Lessons Learned from Teams Using Transdisciplinary Approaches
    Tribal Research Partnerships: Indigenous Agroforestry, Food Security and Sovereignty

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base contains forms, instruction and training material, minutes, policies, tools and other resources to support your research efforts by topic area.

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