Awards & Financial Management

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Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm

Financial Research Administrators (FRAs) provide accounting and financial compliance support for all UNH sponsored programs. The FRAs work collaboratively with Principal Investigators, Support Team for the Administration of Research (STAR) Grant and Contract Administrators (GCAs) and department staff, Pre-Award Compliance (PAC) GCAs and other University units to provide guidance on allowability and allocation of costs onto sponsored program funds for financial compliance with award terms and sponsor restrictions. Our office is responsible for invoicing, financial reporting, accounts receivable and closeout of awards. We implement and oversee internal controls for sponsored programs including effort reporting and periodic sampling for compliance. AFC is the primary contact for the annual Single Audit, all sponsor initiated audits/site visits with a financial review component, and provide support for internal audits impacting sponsored programs.

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Quick Guide for PIs/PDs

PIs are responsible for most aspects of sponsored research, including compliance with institutional policy and federal regulation. Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA), has developed this quick guide to familiarize PIs with essential administration and compliance topics.

Essentials for PIs/PDs


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Award Management

After award acceptance, it is the responsibility of the University to ensure the terms and conditions are followed. Because a variety of different issues may arise during this phase of a sponsored project, it is important to review the notice of award. This will provide you with specific guidance on award management.

Award Management

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Effort Reporting

Effort reporting is the mechanism used to confirm that salaries and wages allocated and charged to projects funded by all external sponsors is reasonable in relation to the actual effort performed on the project.

Effort Reporting & Certification