Reporting Concerns/Suspected Violations

The University of New Hampshire encourages faculty, staff, and students, and members of the public to raise questions about, or to report, issues of concern, such as fraud, theft of UNH assets, sexual misconduct, health or safety in the workplace, discrimination or research misconduct.

While UNH encourages individuals to report concerns directly to the UNH office that has direct oversight over the matter in question (see table below), individuals may elect to report concerns directly to the USNH Ethics and Compliance Hotline at (844) 592-8455, (

Topic Office

 Chief Financial Officer 
 Chief Operating Officer & Vice President for Administration
 UNH Police

Theft of UNH Assets  UNH Police

Ttitle IX/Sexual Misconduct

 Title IX Coordinator
 UNH Police

Health & Safety in the Workplace  Environmental Health & Safety
Bias, Hate, Discrimination, or Harassment  Affirmative Action & Equity
Misconduct in Scholarly Activity  Research Integrity Services
Care/Use of Vertebrate Animals in Research or Instruction  Animal Resources Office
 Research Integrity Services
 Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC)
Use of Human Subjects in Research  Research Integrity Services
 Institutional Review Board (IRB)
Academic Dishonesty  Graduate School 
 Dean of Students 
Conflicts of Interest in Research  Research Integrity Services
Grants or Contracts  Sponsored Programs Administration