Award/Funding Management

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Fly America Act Exception Form
The biggest exception to the Fly America Act is the Open Skies Agreement. On October 6, 2010 the Unites States and European Union (EU) “Open Skies” Ai...
Award/Funding Management Administrative Form
Human Subject Incentive Payments
To provide guidance for the payment of incentives to human subjects participating in research projects, and to determine when the gathering of researc...
Award/Funding Management Human Subjects Resource
Cost Transfer FAQ
UNH Cost Transfer Policy FAQs
Award/Funding Management Guidance
National Science Foundation PAPPG Changes 2023
Highlights on revisions of NSF’s PAPPG (NSF 23-1)
Award/Funding Management, Proposals Administrative Guidance
National Institutes of Health Data Management
National Institutes of Health Data Management
Award/Funding Management Form
Hourly Approval in WISE
Hourly Approval in Wise
Award/Funding Management Resource
Summer Salary Form
Worksheet to help determine summer salary
Award/Funding Management Administrative Form
Effort Certification Step by Step in WISE
Step by step guidance for effort certification in WISE
Award/Funding Management Guidance
Effort Certification Quick Reference Guide
Effort Certification Reference Guide
Award/Funding Management Guidance
Financial Processing Guidance for Researchers
Financial processing guidance
Award/Funding Management Instruction & Training