Laser Safety

Laser Safety Program Management and Registration

The Laser Safety Program at UNH oversees the safe use of lasers on campus. It provides guidance for the compliance with Federal standards of the American National Standard for the Use of Lasers (ANSI Z136-1) and regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
The UNH Laser Safety Plan and Registration forms

Emergency Procedures

If you experience an eye or skin injury from a laser first seek immediate medical attention, and then notify your supervisor and the Laser Safety Officer, 603-312-2500.  Please complete an Accident/Injury Illness report in UNHCEMS.
Laser Accident Emergency Procedure 

Laser Forms

Laser Safety forms

Laser Safety Training

Initial and annual refresher training is required for all those operating Class 3B or 4 lasers. It will cover the basic modes of exposure and use of personal protective equipment. Please call the Radiation Safety Officer, at (603) 862-4041 for more information.


Laser surveys are conducted biannually; please read Laser Items of Non-Compliance.
Laser Items of Non-Compliance

View Radiation, Laser, Magnet & X-Ray Safety Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base contains forms, instruction and training material, minutes, policies, tools and other resources to support your research efforts by topic area.

Emergency Contact

Radiation Safety Officer
Office: (603) 862-4041
Cell: (603) 312-2500