UNH Manchester Safety Committee

The safety and well being of the students, faculty, staff, and guests of UNH Manchester is the institution's highest priority. We are committed to working with all members of the campus community to sustain the safety and security of our campus. Student safety and security is a shared responsibility at UNH Manchester and is embedded in the work of many student development departments at the college.

Committee Members

  • Administration and Finance Services: Kathy Braun
  • Administrative Computing: Sean Embree
  • Dean's Office: Dan Reagan (Vice Chair)
  • Emergency Management: Ronald O'Keefe
  • Environmental Health and Safety: Andy Glode
  • Facilities: Robert Beecher (Chair)
  • Human Resources: Stacey Silva
  • Security Services: Bruce Azotea
  • UNH Police: John MacLennan
  • Ex Officio Non-Voting Members:
  • Chemistry: Sarah Prescott
  • Biological Sciences and Biotechnology: Kyle MacLea

UNHM Safety Committee Charter