UNH and DOE National Laboratories

University of New Hampshire researchers have a long history of collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy and its National Laboratories. Learn how we’re working together to address society’s most pressing energy, environmental, national security and workforce challenges.


A woman stands at a podium leading a panel of four beneath a slide that says UNH National Lab Day
UNH/Department of Energy National Lab Day

Conference connects DOE resources with UNH research.





UNH physics PhD candidate David Ruth smiles at the camera
Testing a Fundamental Force

A new Nature Physics study by UNH physicists advances our understanding of the strong force.





UNH nuclear physics researchers in front of polarized target

Understanding the Nucleus, and Everything

UNH’s decades-long expertise in nuclear physics — and its many collaborations with the Department of Energy's Jefferson Lab — could fuel future innovations.




UNH PhD candidate Nick Pollack in front of large research machine

National Lab Honors

The DOE selected Ph.D. candidate Nick Pollak for its prestigious Graduate Student Research Program. He'll continue his research at Brookhaven National Lab.





Aerial image of Arctic Sweden in summer

Carbon Gatekeepers

UNH researchers received a $3.4M DOE grant to study climate change in the Arctic.





Tidal turbine platform beneath UNH's Living Bridge

Powered by the Sea

A $10M Department of Energy award created the UNH-led Atlantic Marine Energy Center.




UNH physics researcher Jiadong Zang

Magnetism in Three Dimensions

DoE-funded research by Jiadong Zang has mapped the magnetic field in three dimensions.





UNH student researcher in full protective gear looks into microscope

10 Weeks with the DOE

Five UNH students reflect on their DOE Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships.




Shrubs enclosed in a greenhouse-type structure

Bogged Down by Climate Change

UNH researchers, in collaboration with DOE and Oak Ridge National Lab, found that shrubs are replacing moss in peat bogs around the world.




UNH students test a device in a wave tank

Wave Power

A UNH student team wins third place in the national Marine Energy College Competition hosted by DOE and the National Renewable Energy Lab.




UNH physics researcher Francois Foucart

When Stars Collide

Francois Foucart wins DOE CAREER award.





Marcellus Shale fracking site

Into the Microbial Deep

With DOE EPSCoR funding, Paula Mouser partnered with several national labs to understand microbial organisms related to fracking.




UNH physics student Steven Arias


Ph.D. student Steven Arias was the first UNH student to receive an award from the DOE’s Graduate Student Research program.




UNH chemical engineering professor Gonghu Li

Shining New Light on Solar Fuel

Chemical engineering professor Gonghu Li partnered with Brookhaven National Lab to explore alternative fuels solutions.




UNH physicist Eleanor Long

Forging a Path

Now on the UNH faculty, Elena Long won Jefferson Lab's Postdoctoral Research Prize and received accolades for helping make physics more inclusive.