Assistant Authorized User

The Position of Assistant Authorized User

Federal and State laws mandate that radioactive materials must at all times be under the supervision of a qualified individual. The position of Assistant Authorized User was created as a back up for Authorized Users who are either on vacation, sabbatical, or are not immediately available. If you wish your laboratory to continue to use or store radioactive materials when you are not present, you must designate an Assistant Authorized User. This person does not need to be from your laboratory but must be immediately available should your laboratory personnel need assistance or need questions answered concerning the use of radioactive materials. The usual choice is another permit holder who has some knowledge of your research.

The qualifications of an Assistant Authorized User are the same as those for a primary Authorized User: a minimum of 40 hours of training in various aspects of radiation use and protection or the equivalent in training and experience as determined by the Radiation Safety Office. Anyone who has completed the equivalent of a forty-hour course, and has had some radiation research experience is qualified to be a Authorized User or Assistant Authorized User. If a question should arise regarding the qualifications, the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) shall review the matter and their decision shall be final.

If you have question concerning this or some other part of the university Radiation Protection Program, please contact the Radiation Safety Officer at (603) 862-4041.

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Emergency Contact

Radiation Safety Officer
Office: (603) 862-4041
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