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Questions about Cayuse and Outside Interest Disclosures, or other research compliance matters?  Contact Research Integrity Services, or click the Zoom link below to visit the drop-in "office hours" with Research Integrity Services staff.

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For questions about specific campus Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research programs:

University of New Hampshire Research Integrity Services
Melissa McGee –; 603-862-2005

Sue Jalbert –; 603-862-3536
UNH Conflicts of Interest and Commitment Resources

UNH Financial Conflicts of Interests in Research Policies (Sections E. and T.)

Plymouth State University
Office of Academic Affairs -; 603-535-3500
PSU FCOI Policies

Keene State College
Office of the Provost -; 603-358-2112


Starting in June 2021, USNH is implementing Cayuse Outside Interests for managing required disclosures of significant financial and other interests.  By using Cayuse Outside Interests in conjunction with the other Cayuse modules, researchers will be able to ensure that their disclosures are complete, up-to-date, and timely, in compliance with the requirements of research sponsors and USNH policies.

What do the policies require?

USNH institutions have Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research (FCOIR) programs to protect the integrity of externally-sponsored research and to comply with federal regulations. The purpose of the programs is to identify and eliminate or manage any actual or apparent interference with research objectivity at USNH and, where financial interests could affect the rights and welfare of human subjects in research, to also identify and eliminate or manage those interests. 

If you conduct externally sponsored research (regardless of sponsor) and you, your spouse/domestic partner, or your dependent children have a significant financial interest (such as consulting income or equity in a company) that is related to or could impact, or be impacted by, your research or your institutional responsibilities, then you must comply with the disclosure requirements set forth in the FCOIR policies.

What does Cayuse Outside Interests involve, and how is it different than the previous process?

Cayuse Outside Interests is different from the prior system in process, but not in substantive requirements. The disclosure requirements under the FCOIR policies and research sponsor terms have not changed.  Previously, researchers have had to navigate multiple policies to determine whether their non-USNH activities required disclosure or not.  Now, with Cayuse Outside Interests, researchers will be asked specific, policy-driven questions to determine whether they have any of the types of financial or foreign interests that require disclosure, and will be able to easily update and track those disclosures electronically in one system. The status of a researcher’s disclosure compliance will be integrated with the Cayuse proposal and award systems, but the details of financial disclosures will remain confidential and access will remain limited to the offices at each campus tasked with managing the FCOIR programs. While the questions may seem to be “new” requirements, they are simply directly prompting disclosure of the same information that has been required under USNH and research sponsor policies for many years.