Graphic Design and Data Visualization Resources for Proposal Development

Thinking of a proposal as a visual presentation will lead to a competitive advantage!

UNH IT: Available Software


Macintosh Software

Windows Software

Graphics creating and editing Adobe Fireworks CS6 Adobe Fireworks CS6

Vector graphics and illustration

Adobe Illustrator CS6 Adobe Illustrator CS6
Advanced digital photo editing and graphics Adobe Photoshop CS6  Adobe Photoshop CS6
Image and document scanning EPSON Scan 3.7 EPSON Scan
Global mapping and satellite imagery Google Earth Google Earth
3D drawing and visualization Google SketchUp 8.0 Google SketchUp 8.0
Digital photo library with basic editing iPhoto 9.4 ********
Statistical analysis and graphing JMP 11 JMP 11
Mathematics, graphics, and analysis Matlab R2013b Matlab R2013b
Open-source word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation, and graphics 3.4 3.4
Statistical analysis and graphing SPSS 21 SPSS Statistics 21
Other Software
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Here are some resources to help with making graphics readable for those with color blindness:

The Arts: Creating Scientific Figures with Color in Mind
Scroll past the references to find simulators

How to Make Scientific Figures Colorblind Accessible

How to make scientific figures accessible to readers with color-blindness

UNH Professional Development & Training

Adobe Illustrator: Level 1

Adobe Photoshop: Level 1

Digital Design Certificate

Other Sources
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Government Proposal Graphics Training
OST Global Solutions

Online courses to learn data visualization principles and software how-tos
Depict Data Studio