Powerful Partnerships Supporting NH's COVID-19 Response

Powerful Partnerships Supporting NH's COVID-19 Response
Two technicians processing COVID-19 tests at UNH


Map Views

Extension’s Food Access Map helped people in danger of going hungry find free and low-cost food close to where they live.
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new projects

Extension launched 51 innovative online and remote projects to assist small businesses, nonprofits, K-12 schools and families.
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Extension and the NH Small Business Development Center (NH SBDC) offered resources for COVID relief funding and support to more that 7,000 New Hampshire businesses.  The NH SBDC produced 139 webinars to help businesses with COVID recovery and its webpage attracted 36,7000 views.
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covid tests

UNH administered more than 700K tests on its three campuses. UNH's postitivity rate remained below New Hampshire's throughout the pandemic. 
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ppe donations

UNH Police gathered donated supplies from UNH labs and departments for frontline workers. 
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volunteer hours

Student volunteers at Durham's McGregor EMS donated 40,000 hours in 2020, an increase of 5,000 hours. 
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infographic about Covid-19 response by UNH


infographic about Covid-19 response by UNH



Partnership with state delivers testing to long-term care facilities

Residents and staff at 30 long-term care facilities on the Seacoast received COVID tests through a partnership created by UNH with the NH Department of Health and Human Services. More than 3,000 tests were administered in its first month. Learn More

Innovative telehealth program serves occupational therapy clients

When COVID-19 meant occupational therapy clients could no longer have in-person visits, UNH researchers developed an innovative program to deliver services via telehealth. The UNH Telehealth Practice Center also helped medical facilities across NH deliver care online. Learn More

Making history: UNH hosts the NH Legislature

For the first time since the Civil War, the NH House of Representatives met outside the State House when it convened a session in June 2020 at The Whittemore Center, one of the few indoor arenas large enough to host the 400 lawmakers. In all, UNH hosted five legislative sessions. Learn More

Wastewater research helps identify COVID hotspots

To track potential hotspots for COVID-19 infections, UNH went underground – testing wastewater on campus for traces of the virus that that could provide early warning signs of the disease. The wastewater samples were able to detect traces of the virus from people who were in the earliest stages of infection, but without symptoms. NH cities, towns and schools are exploring the potential for testing wastewater in their communities. Learn more

Ultraviolet research, expertise guides COVID disinfection

When frontline responders and facilities struggled to find and reuse personal protective equipment, a UNH research team developed guidelines for disinfecting it with ultraviolet light. The results contributed to the understanding of how UV-disinfection impacts PPE integrity. Learn More