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Resource Category Topic Type
Guidance from NSF on the salary cap
Award/Funding Management Administrative Guidance
Ergonomic Guidelines for Manual Material Handling
Compliance & Safety Occupational Safety Instruction & Training
Guidance for no cost extensions.
Award/Funding Management Administrative Guidance
Form used to request an advance account on a pending award from an external sponsor.
Proposals Administrative Form
NFE accounts, also known as "at risk" accounts, provide principal investigators the opportunity to initiate work under an externally sponsored program and begin incurring associated expenses prior to the conclusion of negotiations and the institutional acceptance of an award by an Authorized official.
Proposals Administrative Instruction & Training
Environmental Health & Safety Radiation, Laser, Magnet, XRay Safety Other
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulatory Guide 8.13
Environmental Health & Safety Radiation, Laser, Magnet, XRay Safety Instruction & Training
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulatory Guide 8.29
Environmental Health & Safety Radiation, Laser, Magnet, XRay Safety Instruction & Training
NSF policy states that individual users should not have more than one NSF ID. If you receive a "Multiple Accounts Found" pop-up alert message each time you sign into NSF systems, you are subject to grace period expiration beginning on August 20, 2019.
Award/Funding Management, Proposals Other
NSF Biosketch
Proposals Administrative Form
NSF Collaborators and Other Affiliations template.
Proposals Administrative Form
We are required by the NSF Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (Chapter II.E.7), effective February 25, 2019, to provide all event participants with information on the University’s policy on sexual and other forms of harassment or sexual assault as well as directions on how to report any violations of this policy.
Award/Funding Management Other
NSF Facilities and Resources
Proposals Administrative Form
Description of the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program, advice for writing effective faculty reference letters to support students' applications to this program, and information about available Research Development Office assistance
Find Funding, Research Development Research Development Services, Resources for Grad Students & Post Docs Resource
NSF Notification Requirement Regarding Finding of Sexual Harassment
Award/Funding Management Resource
The University of New Hampshire is committed to creating and maintaining a community dedicated to the advancement, application and transmission of knowledge and creative endeavors through academic excellence, where all individuals who participate in University programs and activities can work and learn together in an atmosphere free of harassment, exploitation, or intimidation.
Award/Funding Management Administrative Guidance
On February 8, 2018, the National Science Foundation released Important Notice No. 144. The notice reminds the research community of its obligations to fully investigate complaints of sexual or other harassment and for complying with federal nondiscrimination law.
Award/Funding Management Administrative Guidance
Occupational Safety Committee Agenda and Minutes - Third Quarter 2018
Compliance & Safety Occupational Safety Report
Occupational Safety Committee Charter
Compliance & Safety Occupational Safety Policy
Occupational Safety Committee Meeting Minutes - Fourth Quarter 2017
Compliance & Safety Occupational Safety Report