US Department of Education (US ED) - Specific Requirements & Advice

Grantmaking at ED
Education Grants: Application, Management, & Closeout

Common Guidelines for Education Research and Development
(A report from the Institute of Educational Sciences/US ED and the National Science Foundation)

  • Guidance on building the evidence base in STEM learning
  • Provides guidelines for six types of education “research” projects
  • Overview of the nature, justification, evidence generation and so on for each project type


Institute of Education Science (IES) - Resources for Researchers
Webinars, methodological resources, peer review process, available data sets, etc.

Standards in Excellence in Education Research

Cost Analysis Starter Kit
The Cost Analysis Starter Kit provides a three-phased approach to the basics of cost analysis. The Kit is designed to present information in a way that is accessible and user friendly for those who are new to the topic, are less experienced with it, or simply want a refresher.


Applying for Funding Opportunities at Institute of Education Sciences (IES)


Unsolicited Grant Opportunities
he Institute of Education Sciences will consider unsolicited applications for research, evaluation, and statistics projects that would make significant contributions to the mission of the organization and are not eligible under its current grant competitions, both open and closed, described at


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