Survey, Evaluation, and Assessment Resources

UNH Evaluators

Center for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching and Learning

CEITL grant consultation
CEITL offer a rich collection of resources, information, and expertise to support the university's mission of enhancing student learning through the continual improvement of teaching. CEITL provides support to create an assessment plan for the educational components of grant proposals.

Leitzel Center for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Education

Stephen Hale
The Joan and James Leitzel Center for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Education at UNH works to transform education in mathematics, science, and engineering in elementary and secondary schools, and in non-formal settings through high quality research, carefully examined practice, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Stephen Hale, Leitzel Center project director, provides assistance with development and execution of evaulation plans for education and broader impacts activities.

UNH Survey Center

UNH Survey Center
The UNH Survey Center conducts mail, telephone, Internet, E-mail, and self-administered surveys for university researchers, public agencies, non-profit organizations, private businesses, and media clients. Past projects include state, regional, and national general population surveys based on probability sampling, surveys which target specific populations, surveys which utilize complex stratified sampling techniques, and panel studies.

Carsey School of Public Policy Evaluation Program

Carsey School's Evaluation Program
The Carsey School's Evaluation Program provides rigorous program evaluation, applied research, and evaluation technical assistance and training that address the needs and challenges of low- and moderate-income families and their communities and the organizations that serve them.

Outside Evaluators

American Evaluation Association -- Find an Evaluator

Find an Evaluator

Insights Evaluation LLC

Insights Evaluation LLC
Program evaluation and applied research consulting services based in Manchester, New Hampshire

Kansas State University, Office of Educational Innovation and Evaluation

KSU Office of Eduational Innovation and Evaluation

Project Evaluation Resources Recommended by Research Development Professionals

Project Evaluation Resources Recommended by RD Professionals

Web and Print Resources
2010 User-friendly Handbook for Project Evaluation

2010 User-friendly Handbook for Project Evaluation
National Science Foundation

Evaluation Tools

Evaluation Tools
Resources from the NSF Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate

Evaluation of Educational Development Projects

Evaluation of Educational Development Projects
Slides from a National Science Foundation workshop to prepare engineering faculty members to work with an evaluator to plan and implement an effective evaluation of an education research or development project

Evaluation and Assessment Capability (EAC) Resources

NSF Evaluation and Assessment Capability (EAC) Resources
Types of evaluation defined

Evaluation Handbook

Evaluation  Handbook
W .K. Kellogg Foundation's step-by-step evaluation handbook for grantees, nonprofits, and community leaders


The evaluation support center for the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technological Education program that provide webinars, resource materials, newsletters, workshops, and opportunities for ATE community members to engage around issues related to evaluation in the pursuit of excellence in technical education

Evaluation Planning Checklist for NSF-ATE Proposals

Blog: Three Tips for a Strong NSF Proposal Evaluation Plan

Field-Tested Learning Assessment Guide (FLAG) for science, math, engineering and technology instructors

Field-Tested Learning Assessment Guide (FLAG)
National Institute for Science Education's (NISE) College Level One (CL-1) Team, based at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Evaluation Resources

Wide range of resources that will help individuals learning about evaluation as well as those with many years of evaluation experience provided by, a central portal to project, research, and evaluation resources designed to support and connect the informal STEM education community in museums, media, public programs and a growing variety of learning environments

Setting the Stage for Success: Evaluation and Evaluators

Online Evaluation Resource Library

Online Evaluation Resource Library
Library for professionals seeking to design, conduct, document, or review project evaluations supported by the Division of Research, Evaluation and Communication, Directorate for Education and Human Resources, National Science Foundation

Student Assessment of Their Learning Gains (SALG)

Student Assessment of Their Learning Gains (SALG)
A free course-evaluation tool that allows college-level instructors to gather learning-focused feedback from students