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Resources and assistance for Research and Large Center Development encompass finding funding opportunities, crafting competitive proposals, and building skills for all aspects of grant seeking.

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Find Funding

Effective strategies for identifying external funding opportunities for research and scholarly activities transcend searching a database. These resources provide a range of approaches and tools that will help make searching for funding more productive and efficient.


Positioning for Grant Seeking Success

Take advantage of strategies to position yourself to succeed in grant seeking -- assessing readiness, getting to know potential funders, building relationships with program officers, and becoming a reviewer.

> Positioning for Grant Seeking Success

Build Grant Seeking Skills

Finding funding, crafting competitive proposals, and identifying and working effectively with collaborators are skills that can be learned by anyone.

> Grant Seeking Workshops & Programs

The Research and Large Center Development Office offers a variety of programs to help researchers and scholars hone their grant seeking skills, whether they're beginners, experienced, or somewhere in between. 

> Workshop Resources

Archive of recordings, slides, and resource materials from our workshops and presentations


Collaboration and Team Building

Resources for finding collaborators and partners for research and other scholarly activities and for helping make the collaborations successful

> Collaborative Research Excellence (CORE) Initiative

> Deveoping Broader Impacts and Outreach Activities

Craft a Competitive Proposal

Creating a competitive proposal involves more than just writing a project description. These resources will help you craft all the components needed to present your plans and expertise in a concise, compelling way that meets all the sponsor’s requirements. And if you proposal is declined, there’s help with deciding how to moving forward. 


RD Digital Library

Resources created and compiled by Research and Large Center Development staff to assist with all aspects of grant seeking.

> RD Digital Library

Grant Seeking Programs & Workshops

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