Mark A. Townley

Mark Townley

Phone: (603) 767-3267
Office: Instrumentation Center, Parsons Hall, Durham, NH 03824

Dr. Mark Townley has a Ph.D. in Zoology and is a part-time analytical instrumentation scientist at the UIC, with primary responsibility for managing the Confocal Microscope in W118A Parsons Hall. Additional responsibilities include assisting with sample preparation and analysis using the electron microscopes in the UIC Imaging Core (Parsons Hall NB17), and the Lyle NMR Core (W124 Parsons Hall). He also oversees the use of the flow cytometer in W118A Parsons Hall.  His own research is concerned with chelicerate arthropod biology, with a focus on the silk glands of spiders. Mark can be reached by Phone: (603)767-3267 or by Email:

Recent Publication: Hers and his: Silk glands used in egg sac construction by female spiders potentially repurposed by a 'modern' male spider 
Supplementary data accompanying this article can be found here.