Current LSP Deadlines

Look on the Limited Submission Programs overview page for more information about the UNH process for selection of applicants to LSPs and special considerations when applying to foundations and other not-for-profit sponsors.

For any of the programs shown in the tables below, send an email to the contact provided to get more information or to indicate your interest in applying.

Opportunities with Submission Deadlines --
Federal Sponsors & Selected Not-for-Profit Sponsors

UPDATED 11/9/18
Deadline Sponsor Program Number of Proposals Allowed Number of Proposals Available Indicate Interest ASAP or by date indicated
11/26/18 National Science Foundation
EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement Program: Track-2 Focused EPSCoR Collaborations (RII Track-2 FEC) 1 as lead Internal competition
has closed

Contact Mark Milutinovich

Stage 1 Application
Brady Education Foundation Existing Program Evaluation Varies n/a Contact Suellen Peluso
Teagle Foundation Education in American Civic Life Initiative Varies n/a Contact Suellen Peluso
National Science Foundation
National Science Foundation Research Traineeship (NRT) Program

Note: A new solicitation has been released for this and subsequent deadlines:  NSF 19-522

2 proposals per competition as a lead organization, non-lead organization, or subawardee. Organizations participating solely as evaluators on projects are excluded from this limitation 0 If interested in submitting for the 2019 deadline, contact Mark Milutinovich
12/17/18 National Science Foundation

NSF Quantum Computing & Information Science Faculty Fellows (QCIS-FF)

2 proposals from departments of computer science, information science, and/or computer engineering 2 Contact Kathy Cataneo

National Science Foundation

Big Data Regional Innovation Hubs (BD Hubs) - Accelerating the Big Data Innovation Ecosystem 1 1 Contact Kathy Cataneo
12/20/18 National Science Foundation
Enabling Access to Cloud Computing Resources for CISE Research and Education (Cloud Access) 1 1 Contact Kathy Cataneo


W.T. Grant Foundation Research Grants and Officers’ Research Grants Varies n/a Contact Suellen Peluso
1/17/19 National Science Foundation
Partnerships for Innovation - Research Partnerships (PFI-RP) Track 1 Internal competition
is underway.
12/3/18 @ 5 PM

Contact Kathy Cataneo (competition) or Mark Milutinovich (technical assistance)
Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund Large Grants Program Varies n/a Contact Suellen Peluso

Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund

Local Grant Program Varies n/a Contact Suellen Peluso
1/22/19 National Science Foundation
Major Research Instrumentation (MRI)

2 in Track 1 ($100,001 - $999,999 requested NSF Funds)
1 in Track 2
($1M -$4M requested NSF funds);


Can be funded as subawardee on development proposal up to 20% of total amt without it counting toward institutional limit

Internal competition
has closed

Contact Kathy Cataneo
1/23/19 National Institutes of Health (NIH) Innovative Programs to Enhance Research Training (IPERT) (R25) 1 1 Contact Kathy Cataneo
1/24/19 National Institutes of Health (NIH) Postbaccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP) (R25) 1 1 Contact Kathy Cataneo
1/24/19 National Science Foundation
IUSE/Professional Formation of Engineers: Revolutionizing Engineering Departments (IUSE/PFE: RED) 2 2 Contact Kathy Cataneo
1/25/19 National Institutes of Health (NIH) Collaborative Program Grant for Multidisciplinary Teams (RM1) (Clinical Trial Not Allowed) 1 per review cycle 1 Contact Kathy Cataneo
2/4/19 National Science Foundation
Harnessing the Data Revolution (HDR): Data Science Corps (DSC) Building Capacity for HDR 1 1 Contact Kathy Cataneo
2/4/19 National Science Foundation

Materials Innovation Platforms (MIP)

1 as lead 1 Contact Kathy Cataneo
2/22/19 National Science Foundation
Cultivating Cultures for Ethical STEM (CCE STEM) 1 as lead
No limit as non-lead collaborator or subawardee
1 Contact Kathy Cataneo

Ongoing Opportunities --

Selected Not-for-profit Sponsors

Contact Suellen Peluso for more information about approaching these sponsors.  
Availability Sponsor Program

None at this time