IRB Application Review Process

New Applications  

UNH faculty, staff, and students who plan to conduct research involving human subjects must submit applications to the IRB prior to commencing the study. Applicants must receive written, unconditional IRB approval before starting their study. For a flow chart depicting the IRB application review process, please click here

Studies submitted to the IRB for review must comprise a completed application form, including appropriate signatures, a research protocol (narrative), and any required  supporting materials. Completed applications need to be submitted to Research Integrity Services, via email (to Melissa McGee, Julie Simpson, or Theresa Cherouvis), fax (603-862-3564), or in-person or by campus/US mail (Service Building, 51 College Road, Durham, NH 03824-3585).

The IRB, not the researcher, determines the review level. Studies qualifying for Exempt or Expedited level review are reviewed by the IRB as they are received, usually within two (2) weeks (allow 3 weeks during semester breaks).

The IRB meets twice a month during the academic year and once each month during the summer to review studies qualifying for Full Board review. Studies requiring Full Board level review must be submitted according to the posted schedule. Upon receipt by RIS staff, applications are placed on the agenda for the next scheduled IRB meeting.  Applications are reviewed on a first come, first served basis; if too many applications are received for review at a specific IRB meeting, the review of those received latest may be postponed until the following IRB meeting.  Researchers who plan to conduct studies requiring Full Board review should submit applications to the IRB at least 4 weeks prior to the anticipated start date (allow 8 weeks in the summer).  Studies qualifying for Exempt or Expedited level are forwarded upon receipt to IRB members for review.  Initial Exempt or Expedited level review generally takes 10 working days during the semester, and 15 working days during the winter break and summer.

Changes/Modifications to Previously Approved Applications

Changes/modifications to an IRB-approved study must be reviewed and approved by the IRB PRIOR to implementation. To request changes to an IRB-approved study, submit a request to RIS following the outline delinated in the document, Requesting a Modification to a Previously Approved Protocol. Attach new or revised instruments, measures, consent documents, etc., as appropriate. Requests for modifications are reviewed at the same level as the original study, i.e., Full Board modifications are reviewed by the IRB at a convened meeting.

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