Internal Research Support - PI Accounts

The University of New Hampshire (UNH) receives reimbursement of Facilities and Administrative (F&A) costs related to externally funded grants and contracts and allocated these funds in accordance with applicable federal guidelines, and policies of the University, as they may be amended from time to time.

Internal Research Support Policy and Procedures

The University has elected to invest a portion of its recovered F&A costs in the support and stimulation of research and scholarly activity.  Specifically, internal research support is provided annually to each faculty or staff Principal Investigator whose sponsored programs recover Facilities & Administrative costs.

The allocation continues a practice started in 1985 that provides university funding to principal investigators calculated on the basis of facilities and administrative cost (F&A) recovery.

In accordance with the UNH’s decentralized budgeting system, Responsibility Center Management (RCM), principal investigators are provided research support based on 10% of total indirect costs recovered during the previous calendar year.

Responsibility Center Management

The funds may be used to develop new research projects, purchase equipment, provide administrative services, or for other uses that support the PI’s research efforts.  The allocation is generally transferred during July and August to the PI’s Internal Research Support (or Help) account.

The primary purpose of the account is to hold the internal research support funds in a manner that will provide maximum spending flexibility. 

Financial transactions should be initiated in the PI’s BSC.  Please note that use of the account for personnel (non-student) transactions will incur the university (non-grant) fringe benefit rates.

It is the PI’s responsibility to correct any deficit that may occur in the account.  Funds unspent upon an investigator leaving the university will revert to the RC unit director.

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Research and Sponsored Programs Administration
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