Cost Transfers

A cost transfer is a journal entry that transfers an expense onto a Federally-funded sponsored award that was previously recorded elsewhere on the University's General Ledger and is subject to institutional approval (as defined below) before it can be posted.

It may not be used as a means for managing project funds (e.g., spending down an award that is expiring).

What’s Essential

A transferred cost must comply with all UNH policies and sponsor terms and conditions, including rules for allowability, reasonableness, allocability, and consistency.

Cost transfers, when necessary, must be timely; late cost transfers (more than 90 days after the end of the month in which the transaction occurred) must meet additional documentation criteria and be approved by Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA).

Why It’s Important

Expenses being transferred to or from a sponsored project prompt scrutiny of the reasons for the transfer and the justification for moving those charges.  Any time you initiate a transfer, you invite the assumption that controls are lacking; hence, the initial transaction was not handled properly.

How to Comply

If the PI, their Designee or the BSC discovers an error a cost transfer should be initiated.  to correctlhy process a cost transfer or to move an expense that is not considred a cost transfer, please rever to the instructions found  here.

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