Annual Chemical Inventory Verification Program

The Office of Environmental Health & Safety and Chemistry Department graduate students will be conducting the campus chemical inventory verification over an 8 week period in 2023 from June 5th through July 28th, 8 am to 12 pm daily.

The inventory verification program main goals are to verify the accuracy of the online chemical inventory in UNHCEMS ( ) and update Door Caution Signs. Results of the verification effort will be available to chemical owners within a few days of our visit and can be accessed by viewing your chemical inventory in UNHCEMS.
In preparation of this program we would appreciate those of you in shared lab spaces to mark your chemical storage areas and/or containers with your name. Inventory staff will appropriately identify ownership in the UNHCEMS program. If you have any questions on labeling or special scheduling considerations, please email OEHS Coordinator Karrie Myer ( or call 603-862-1510.

There are several chemical owner reports that will be helpful in UNHCEMS: 

                My Container Locations - Chemical Inventory – Expand the chemical inventory tab to see containers you own and where the inventory team has scanned them across campus. If you move containers to a lab other than what’s shown in UNHCEMS, update the container location UNHCEMS. Email for help updating container locations. 

                In-transition – this report identifies containers the inventory team did not locate during scanning. It is possible these containers were consumed or disposed. Review these items and provide updates on disposition. More inforamtion can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section below. 


Our inventory team will leave a calling card on your lab door when the inventory is complete. 



We will verify inventory by Building. An approximate weekly schedule is included below and is subject to change.



Approximate Program Week/Status 

Barton - Cole July 11 completed
Chase Ocean Engineering July 6  completed
Conant Hall July 12 - completed
Demeritt Hall July 10-11 - completed
Gregg Hall June 30 - July 5 completed
Jackson Estuarine Lab July 7 completed
James Hall June 26-27  completed
John Olson Manufacturing Facility  completed
Keener Research Facility July 6 completed
Kendall Hall June 16  completed
Kingsbury Hall June 30-July 5-6 - completed
Macfarlane Greenhouse July 6 completed
Morse Hall June 28-29 completed
Nesmith Hall July 5 completed
Parsons Hall June 5-16in process
Paul Creative Arts Center June 23 - completed
Putnam Hall July 12 completed
Rudman Hall June 20-22 - in process
Service Building - Arts July 21 completed
Spaulding Hall June 19 completed
UNH at Manchester July 12 completed
Other Buildings and outlying areas July 22-28

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the in-transition report?
The In-transition report shows chemical containers that UNHCEMS thought should be on campus, but the inventory team was unable to find the containers and they were not scanned. Often in-transition containers are consumables that have not properly been marked Empty in UNHCEMS. OEHS expects chemical owners to review these In-Transit reports to properly assign chemical container disposition.

How do I resolve in-transition inventory?
The chemical owner may edit the chemical record in UNHCEMS. Possible chemical record changes include:

Mark Empty – if the In-transition container has been used up or disposed – please mark the container record empty

Container Verified by Lab Occupants - In some cases, the inventory team may miss a cabinet or drawer, or a single container during the scanning process. Click Activate Container in Container Information and Date Verified field. If the chemical owner identifies in-transit materials are present, you may reach out to to have the area re-scanned and the record updated in UNHCEMS.

My door sign is inaccurate, how do I update it?
Go to the UNHCEMS Signs Module – Review My Door Signs and follow the instructions to update. If you have a lab with no sign listed, contact

My lab staff cannot access my inventory or mark inventory empty, how do I fix this?
In UNHCEMS – navigate to your Profile and click Add Colleagues. Follow the screen prompts to assign users and roles.

UNHCEMS shows that I own chemicals in a building I don’t work in or a lab that’s not mine. How do correct this?