Elizabeth Moschella-Smith

Research Scientist
Phone: (603) 862-5314
Office: UNH Prevention Innovation Res Center, 9 Madbury Road, Suite 405, Durham, NH 03824
Elizabeth Moschella-Smith

Elizabeth Moschella-Smith, Ph.D., is a Research Scientist at Prevention Innovations Research Center (PIRC). She graduated with a Ph.D. in Social Psychology, with a minor in College Teaching, and a M.A. in Justice Studies from the University of New Hampshire. She first joined PIRC in the Fall of 2018 as an Adjunct Research Assistant. She is currently leading several research projects to evaluate violence prevention and response programming, including projects funded by the Office on Violence Against Women and the National Science Foundation.

Dr. Moschella-Smith has over eight years of experience with quantitative and qualitative methodologies and analyses. She has utilized mixed-method, quasi-experimental, and longitudinal designs in her research and has expertise in measurement development. Dr. Moschella-Smith serves as the Secretary on the Board of Directors for the non-profit Resilient Retreat, Inc., which is dedicated to empowering survivors of trauma and abuse through self-care and community. She also volunteers as an advocate at HAVEN, the largest crisis center in New Hampshire. She is excited to be a part of the PIRC team as she continues to explore her passion for ending sexual and relationship violence and stalking.

Courses Taught

  • JUST 501: Research Methods
  • JUST 602: Research Internship

Selected Publications

Cole, L. M., Moschella-Smith, E. A., Hennigan, P. J., Rebellon, C. J., Van Gundy, K. T., & Cohn, E. S. (2023). Racial differences in legal socialization models across adolescence and emerging adulthood.. Law Hum Behav, 47(1), 83-99. doi:10.1037/lhb0000523

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Klein, L. B., Moschella-Smith, E. A., & Lopez, E. (2022). Introduction to the Special Issue on Common Goals, Different Needs: Improving Communication and Collaboration Between Researchers and Practitioners to End Interpersonal Violence Introduction. JOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE, 37(17-18), NP14907-NP14913. doi:10.1177/08862605221106192

Moschella-Smith, E. A., Moynihan, M. M., & Stapleton, J. G. (2022). Sexual and Dating Violence Bystander Intervention Programs within Institutions of Higher Education: Strategies for Research and Practice. JOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE, 37(17-18), NP15020-NP15036. doi:10.1177/08862605221106190

Potter, S. J., Moschella-Smith, E. A., & Lynch, M. (2022). Campus Sexual Violence Prevention and Response: Lessons from a Pandemic to Inform Future Efforts. JOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE, 37(17-18), NP15037-NP15057. doi:10.1177/08862605221106191

Moschella, E. A., & Banyard, V. L. (2021). Action and Reaction: The Impact of Consequences of Intervening in Situations of Interpersonal Violence. JOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE, 36(7-8), NP3820-NP3843. doi:10.1177/0886260518782983

Potter, S., Moschella, E., Moynihan, M. M., & Smith, D. (2020). Sexual Violence among LGBQ Community College Students: A Comparison with their Heterosexual Peers. COMMUNITY COLLEGE JOURNAL OF RESEARCH AND PRACTICE, 44(10-12), 787-803. doi:10.1080/10668926.2019.1706668

Mitchell, K. J., Moschella, E. A., Hamby, S., & Banyard, V. (2020). Developmental Stage of Onset, Poly-Victimization, and Persistence of Childhood Victimization: Impact on Adult Well-Being in a Rural Community-Based Study. CHILD MALTREATMENT, 25(1), 20-31. doi:10.1177/1077559519859080

Banyard, V., Moschella, E., Grych, J., & Jouriles, E. (2019). What Happened Next? New Measures of Consequences of Bystander Actions to Prevent Interpersonal Violence. PSYCHOLOGY OF VIOLENCE, 9(6), 664-674. doi:10.1037/vio0000229

Moschella, E. A., Bennett, S., & Banyard, V. L. (2018). Beyond the Situational Model: Bystander Action Consequences to Intervening in Situations Involving Sexual Violence. JOURNAL OF INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE, 33(20), 3211-3231. doi:10.1177/0886260516635319

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