Common UNH Acronyms and Terms

Acronyms Intro

The following list includes the most common acronyms and terms used at UNH for offices, departments, positions, and miscellaneous items. Please visit the UNH Directories page for other listings available on our campus.

If you would like to recommend additional acronyms/terms to be added to this list, please contact us via e-mail.

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AA Associate in Arts Degree(TSAS), Associate in Arts Degree(Continuing Education)
AAS Applied Animal Science Program
AAUP American Association of University Professors
ABM Applied Business Management Program
ADA Americans with Disabilties Act
AERO Aerospace Studies
AFAIR Anadromous Fish and Aquatic Invertebrate Research Lab
AM Agricultural Mechanization
AMAC Atlantic Marine Aquaculture Center
ANSC Animal Sciences Minor
ANTH Anthropology Department
ARC Additional Retirement Contribution
ARO Animal Resource Office
ARTS Art and Art History Department
ATB Across-The-Board Increase
AVR Automated Voice Response Directory
AY Academic Year
BA Bachelor of Arts Degree
BANNER BANNER Finance, Student, Financial Aid and Human Resources Application Software
BIOL Biology Program
BIOL Biological Sciences Program (UNH-Manchester)
BMCB Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology Program
BMS Biomedical Science Program
BOT Board of Trustees
BS Bachelor of Science Degree
BSA Business Services Assistant
BSC Business Service Center
BSW Bachelor of Social Work
CA Communication Arts Program (UNH-Manchester)
CACL Center on Aging & Community Living
CAD Computer Aided Design
CAMPUS CONNECTOR UNH public shuttle bus service for on-campus routes
CATVISION UNH Information Channel
CBC Central Budget Committee
CCOM Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping
CCRC Crimes Against Children Research Center
CD Community Development
CEE Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
CEMS Chemical Environmental Management System
CEOP Community Environmental Outreach Program
CEP Community and Environment Planning Program
CEPS College of Engineering and Physical Sciences
CFAR Center For Academic Resources
CHE Chemical Engineering Department
CHEM Chemistry Department
CHHS College of Health and Human Services
CHIN Chinese - Asian and Arabic Program
CICEET Cooperative Institute for Coastal & Estuarine Environmental Technology
CIE Center for International Education
CINEMar Cooperative Institute for New England Mariculture and Fisheries
CIO Chief Information Officer
CLAS Classics Program
CML Coastal Marine Laboratory
CMN Communication Department
COLA College of Liberal Arts
COLSA College of Life Sciences and Agriculture
COMM Communication Sciences and Disorders
CPA Communications and Public Affairs
CRS Computer Repair Services
CS Computer Science Department
CSDC Child Study and Development Center
CSL Community Leadership Program
CT Civil Technology Program
CWS College Work Study
DAC Dimond Academic Commons
DMCA Digital Millenium Copyright Act
DOE Directory Office Editors
DS Decision Sciences Department
DSS Disability Services for Students
EAP Employee Assistance Program
EC Environmental Conservation
ECD Energy and Campus Development
ECE Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
ECG Enterprise Computing Group - IT
ECOG Ecogastronomy
ECON Economics Department - WSBE
ECS European Cultural Studies Program
EDUC Education Department
EE Extension Educators - Work for Cooperative Extension throughout the State
EEB Ecology, Evolution and Behavior (EEB)
EET Electrical Engineering Technology Program (UNH-Manchester)
EHS Environmental Health and Safety
EMT Emergency Medical Technician
ENE Environmental Engineering Program
ENGL English Department
EOS Earth, Oceans, and Space; Institute for the Study of
EOS Institute for the study of Earth, Oceans, and Space
EPAF Electronic Personnel Action Form
EPSCoR Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research
EQST Equine Studies Program
EREC Environmental and Resource Economics Program
ERG Environmental Research Group
ESCI Earth Sciences Department
ESL English as a Second Language
ESRC Earth Systems Research Center & BSC
ET Earned Time
ET Engineering Technology
EXEMPT Includes most PATs, Faculty, Academic Administrators, Extension Educators, and Principal Administrators. Exempt faculty and staff are normally paid on a daily or annual basis.
FA Finance and Administration
FAC Finance and Administration Council
FACULTY Tenure and Non-Tenure Track Faculty
FAIR Fast and Impartial Resolution Complaint and Grievance Process
FAO Financial Aid Office
FAST Financial and Administrative Systems Team
FERPA Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act
FMLA Family and Medical Leave Act
FORT Forest Technology Program
FREN French Program
FRL Family Research Laboratory
FS Family Studies Department
FSM Food Service Management Program
FT Full Time
FY Fiscal Year
FYI For Your Information
GAIM Global Analysis, Integration and Modeling
GEN Genetics Program
GEOG Geography Department
GERM German Program
GERO Gerontology Minor
GIS Geographic Information Systems
GISP2 Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2
GLBT President's Commission on the Status of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Issues
GPS Global Positioning System
GR Graduate Student
Grad Graduate School
GREK Greek Major
GRG Glacier Research Group - now Climate Change Research Center
GS Graduate School
GSC Granite State College
GSDLN Granite State Distance Learning Network
Ham Smith Hamilton Smith Hall
HCGS Hubbard Center for Genome Studies
HHS Health and Human Services
HIST History Department
HIST History Program (UNH-Manchester)
HMGT Hospitality Management Department
HMP Health Management and Policy Program
HR Human Resources
HT Horticultural Technology Program
HUMA Humanities Program (UNH-Manchester)
HUMA Humanities Program
HUNH Healthy UNH
I-9 Employment Eligibility Verfication Form
IA International Affairs (dual major)
IDC Instructional Development Center
IDL Iddles Auditorium/Parsons Hall
IHPP Institute for Health Policy & Practice
INCO Intercollege Courses
INS Immigration and Naturalization Services
INTR Sign Language Interperetation Program (UNH-Manchester)
IoD Institute On Disability
IOL InterOperability Laboratory
IPSSR Institute for Policy & Social Science Research (no longer in existence)
IRB Institutional Review Board
IROP International Research Opportunity Program
IT Information Technology
ITAL Italian Studies Program
ITV Interactive Television
JEL Jackson Estuarine Laboratory
JPN Japanese - Asian and Arabic Program
JPR Job Performance Review (now known as Performance Assessment Review)
JUST Justice Studies Program
KIN Kinesiology Department
KSC Keene State College
LA Liberal Arts
LAN Local Area Network
LING Linguistics Program
LLC Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
LS&A Life Sciences and Agriculture
LTCA Long Term Care and Aging
LTD Long Term Disability
MA Master of Arts Degree
MATH Mathematics and Statistics Department
MBA Masters in Business Administration
ME Mechanical Engineering Department
MEFB Marine, Estuarine and Freshwater Biology Program
MET Mechanical Engineering Technology Program (UNH-Manchester)
MGT Management Department
MILT Military Science
MIS Management Information Systems
MKTG Marketing Department
MS Materials Science
MS Master of Science Degree
MSW Master of Social Work
MUB Memorial Union Building
MUED Music Education Program
MUSI Music Department
NCAA National Collegiate Athletic Association
NEHA New England Healthcare Assembly
NHIHPP New Hampshire Institute for Health Policy and Practice
NHIRC New Hampshire Industrial Research Center
NHPTV New Hampshire Public Television
NICL-SMO National Ice Core Laboratory - Science Management Office
NIS Network Information Services
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NON-EXEMPT Includes all Operating Staff positions, and most non-status positions. Staff in this category are paid based upon an hourly rate in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act non-exempt provisions.
NRESS Natural Resources and Earth Systems Science Ph.D. Program
NTIC Non-Lethal Technology Innovation Center
NURS Nursing Program
NUTR Nutrition Program
OE Ocean Engineering - School of Marine and Ocean Engineering
OE Outdoor Education - College of Health & Human Services
OES Outreach Education & Summer Session
OISS Office of International Students and Scholars
OMSA Office of Multicultural Student Affairs
OPAL Ocean Process Analysis Laboratories
ORPC Office of Research Partnerships and Commercialization (no longer in existence - now part of Research
OS Operating Staff - Non Exempt Staff
OSR Office of Sponsored Research (no longer in existence - now part of Research)
OT Occupational Therapy Department
P.O. Purchase Order
PAC Personal Authorization Code
PAT Professional, Administrative and Technical Staff - Exempt Staff
Paul Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics
PBIO Plant Biology Program
PCAC Paul Creative Arts Center - home to the Departments of Theater & Dance, Art & Music
PCARD Purchasing Card
PDNC Pre-Delivery Network Configuration
PDQ Position Description Questionnaire
Ph.D. Doctor of Philosphy
PHIL Philosophy Department
PHYS Physics Department
POLT Political Science Department
Poly Sci Political Science
PORT Spanish and Portuguese Program
PS Politics and Society (UNH-Manchester)
PSU Plymouth State University (formerly Plymouth State College)
PSYC Psychology Department
PT Part Time
RA Resident Assistant
RCC Research Computing Center
RCM Responsibility Center Management
RECO Resource Economics
RMP Recreation Management and Policy Department
ROTC Reserve Officers Training Corps - Army
ROTC Reserve Officers Training Corps - Air Force
RS Religious Studies
RUSS Russian Program
SBDC Small Business Development Center
SCOPE Student Committee on Popular Entertainment
SCSC Social Science
SEAC Student Environmental Action Coalition
SHAC Student Health Advisory Committee
SHARPP Sexual Harrassment and Rape Prevention Program
SOC Sociology Department
SOS Student Organization Services
SPAN Spanish and Portuguese Program
SPPC System Personnel Policy Committee
SSC Space Science Center
SW Social Work Department
T & R Training and Research
T&A Time and Attendance
T-HALL Thompson Hall houses the University's administration. It is named for Benjamin Thompson, a wealthy farmer who left a generous bequest in 1890 to establish a college in Durham.
T2 Technology Transfer Center
TA Teaching Assistant
TASk Training in Academic Skills - now CFAR
TCS Telecommunications and Client Services
TECH Technology
THDA Theatre and Dance Department
TLC Teach and Learn Centers
TNH The New Hampshire - UNH Student Newspaper
TOUR Tourism Planning and Development Program
TPS Technical Professional Services - part of UNH IT
TSAS Thompson School of Applied Science
TSV Technology, Society, and Values
UHS University Hospitality Services (now UNH Dining)
UIC University Instrumentation Center
UNHL University of New Hampshire - School of Law campus
UNHM University of New Hampshire - Manchester campus
URC Undergraduate Research Conference
UROP Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program
USNH University System of New Hampshire
UTC University Technology Center - UNH Computer Store
VC Vice Chancellor
VPAA Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
VPFA Vice President for Finance and Adminstration
VPSAS Vice President for Student and Academic Services
VTAE Vocational, Technical, and Adult Education
WHIT Whittemore Center Arena
WILDCAT TRANSIT UNH public bus system for campus & local communities
WS Women's Studies Program
ZOOL Zoology Program