Employment Hiring Process

FYI - Staff and Post-doctoral offer letter templates have been removed because we now have the capability of creating offer letters electronically through the UNH onboarding process.

Please contact HR Recruiting for more information.

Employee Groups at UNH


Faculty are those persons engaged primarily in instruction, research and service, and include certain specialized categories where rank, promotion and/or tenure procedures are in effect.

Current faculty employment opportunities are listed on the USNH Employment Opportunities page - (click "Search Positions", and then choose Faculty from the "Job Category" drop-down menu.)

Operating Staff

Operating Staff positions include functions such as clerical/secretarial, craft, certain technical, service, food service, and custodial. Individuals in these positions are paid on an hourly basis.

Current Operating Staff employment opportunities are listed on the USNH Employment Opportunities page - (click "Search Positions", and then choose Non-Exempt from the "Job Category" drop-down menu.)

Professional, Administrative and Technical (PAT) / Extension Educator (EE)

Professional, Administrative and Technical (PAT) positions include such functions as supervisory and managerial, accountant, artist, engineer and upper level technical positions.

Extension Educator (EE) positions include the full and part-time professional staff of the UNH Cooperative Extension Service. State staff are located at the University and county agents are located in each of the ten counties. Extension Educators have as their responsibility the assessment, development and implementation of continuing non-formal education programs for the people of New Hampshire. They hold appointments in one of the following ranks: Extension Instructor, Assistant Extension Educator, Associate Extension Educator and Extension Educator. In most instances staff members having formal teaching or research assignments in addition to their Cooperative Extension responsibilities will hold faculty appointment.

These exempt positions are paid on a salaried basis. Current PAT and EE employment opportunities are listed on the USNH Employment Opportunities page - (click "Search Positions", and then choose Exempt from the "Job Category" drop-down menu.)

Adjunct: Temporary, Non-Benefits-Eligible

Departments occasionally have a need for temporary help and may post their temporary positions on our online employment site.

Current temporary openings are listed on the USNH Employment Opportunities page - (click "Search Positions", and then choose "Temporary" from the "Job Category" drop-down menu.)

Faculty Recruitment Procedures - Tenure Track Positions 
(please refer to the manual on the Provost's website by clicking here)

Benefits Orientation

Human Resources conducts new hire orientation sessions every other Monday throughout the year. Benefits overview and enrollment process is presented at orientation and is time-sensitive relative to the effective date of the benefits. New faculty are invited to attend faculty orientation at the start of the academic year. Faculty who start work at other times of the year are welcome to attend.

Staff Recruitment Procedures

Recruiting applicants for staff positions within the University of New Hampshire is the mutual responsibility of the Human Resources Recruiting team and the hiring department. To ensure that the employment process proceeds smoothly, please follow the steps outlined below:

1. Position Vacancy

Job postings are created online by the supervisor or the department super user. It is recommended that serious consideration be given to the position description. This position description provides the opportunity to describe the essential functions and responsibilities, along with job specifications, such as skills and experience. The position description should be representative of major duties and will be the cornerstone of the recruitment process, which results in hiring the most qualified applicant. Your HR Partner is available to assist in establishing appropriate job-related requirements that may be used as the minimum standard for selection. The most suitable applicant should be chosen based on objective analysis of applicant credentials compared to the position description.

Internal Posting (Definition) - Internal applicants: Status staff members are internal applicants. Non-status staff members who have been employed within USNH for at least 12 months in total preceding the posting and who have worked at least 1,000 hours during that 12-month period shall also be considered internal applicants. Student employment does not apply toward internal status eligibility.

2. Advertising

The recruiting team reviews, approves, and posts positions submitted by the department via PeopleAdmin. External advertising, if necessary, will be prepared in cooperation with the hiring department. All ads are placed by the recruiting team to ensure consistency of ad copy and brand. Free advertising can be placed by the department. Advertising costs must be approved by the Business Unit, Dean and/or Finance.

3. Sourcing Applicants

The recruiting team can help find available candidates by using the following methods:

  • Searching and outreach via LinkedIn;
  • The PeopleAdmin candidate database;
  • Low-cost and no-cost advertising solutions (including diversity sites);
  • Internet searching that meets the criteria of the job and experience level posted;

*Social media, listservs and networking sites are the responsibility of the department.

4. Screening/Interviews

The recruiting team can help review and phone screen applicants and manage those that do not meet requirements or are above budgeted salary in order to narrow down your candidate pool to a more manageable number. We use a variety of behavioral based interview questions to help you determine whether your finalist(s) are the best fit for your role and department. Once phone interviews are completed, detailed notes along with salary expectations are forwarded to the hiring manager to make selecting finalists for on campus interviews even easier.

For more helpful hints on the hiring process, please review items in the Hiring Toolkit.

Supervisors will change applicant status in PeopleAdmin to maintain a record of all candidates considered.  A member of the recruiting team must be contacted prior to an offer being made to review candidate qualifications, budgeted salary and internal equity.

5. Job Offer

Once 3 professional references have been completed satisfactorily, the hiring manager will work with the recruiting team to find an acceptable hourly rate/salary. The supervisor or a member of the recruiting team should extend an offer of employment, contingent upon the ability to provide valid work authorization and successful completion of a background check or a physical, if needed. The supervisor will notify all other finalists via email and make status changes in the PeopleAdmin system of the hiring decision.

 Once a verbal acceptance has been received and communicated to the recruiting team, the Onboarding team will create an electronic offer letter. Once the offer letter has been created, it will be sent to the new hire for signature, along with tasks needed for them to complete in order to create their employee and job records. Please remind your new hire to check their email for a message with the subject: Welcome to UNH - University System of New Hampshire, to complete these tasks. For assistance, you and your new hire, may contact onboarding.team@usnh.edu.

6. Reporting to Work

A new hire will be scheduled for orientation once the new hire has completed all HR paperwork. New employees will attend HR orientation virtually and will receive an invite, with their supervisor on copy, the Wednesday prior to their start date. HR orientation is held at the beginning of each pay period and a payroll schedule can be found here. The department supervisor will be responsible for orienting the new employee to their job and the department.

 Please contact Human Resources: 862-0501 (voice), 862-3227 (TTY) for additional information.

How to establish computer and email accounts for new employees: Faculty, Staff and Students within the University System of New Hampshire are eligible for one or more Central System accounts. Accounts managed by Information Technology include Academic, Administrative, Research, Web Contributor and Exchange accounts. 

For more information, please refer to UNH IT Accounts.

 How to establish telephone accounts for new employees: For information, please refer to IT Telecommunications

International Employees

The University of New Hampshire welcomes employment applications from qualified foreign nationals and currently employs more than 150 international faculty, staff and researchers at its Durham campus.

If you are considering an employment offer to an individual who is not a U.S. citizen, or holder of U.S. Permanent Resident Alien status (green card), be aware that there are certain steps which the University must undertake on behalf of the international employee to permit us to legally employ him/her. This process may take anywhere from 60 days to 6 months to complete, depending upon the type of visa most appropriate for the position, and/or the current immigration status of the individual.

Before finalizing your offer, we strongly recommend that you contact UNH Global's Offfice of International Students & Scholars at oiss@unh.edu to discuss the details of obtaining a work visa for the potential employee. The OISS website offers a wealth of information on the subject of U.S. immigration and work visas. If you are a UNH department and want to learn more about hiring international scholars, please visit the UNH Global website.

If you are a foreign national who is neither a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, and you are contemplating employment with UNH, go to visit the  UNH Global employment resources page.