A bonus is an additional lump-sum form of compensation awarded to status and adjunct employees to recognize contribution and extraordinary effort, attainment of skills, or receipt of a distinguished award.  (See USY V.F.7.5 Additional Pay - Bonus) 

Bonuses are comprised of four types: Performance Bonuses, Spot Awards, Recognition Awards, and Incentive Payouts.  Only performance bonuses and incentive payouts are benefit-eligible pay (i.e., retirement contributions are deducted).

  • Bonus Request Form  - Bonuses are awarded as one-time lump sums.  They do not  replace an equity request.

The form provides a flow chart, indicating where the form is to be sent to until it eventually reaches Compensation for approval, as well as some quick facts to proactively clear up the most commonly asked questions.  Note that employees may not complete the Bonus Request form on behalf of themselves.

Forms must be completed before the bonus is promised, as only Compensation can approve bonus requests.  Completed Bonus Request forms can be emailed to if digital, or mailed to HR Services at 2 Leavitt Lane, Durham NH 03824.