Curtailed Operations

USNH policy - Curtailed operations compensation for PAT, EE, AA, FY Faculty (Exempt)
USNH policy - Curtailed operations compensation for OS (Non-Exempt)    

IMPORTANT: UNH Manchester, UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law, and Cooperative Extension County offices make weather-related decisions independent of UNH Durham.                                                         

Communication to Members of the University Community on the Durham campus

From: Christopher D. Clement, Sr. - COO & VP of Administration
RE:  Curtailed Operations – Normal Work Week and Weekends

As winter approaches, it is time to review the university’s policies and procedures for declaring curtailed operations. The decision to curtail is made when the Durham campus is, or is expected to be, unprepared for parking, pedestrian traffic, and local road conditions preclude continuation of bus service and/or there are utility and power outages that impact our working environment. Our goal is, when possible, to announce curtailment by 4 a.m. Once curtailed operations is declared, only employees who perform priority support services are required to report to work or to remain at work. If you are unsure if your position is considered priority in a weather emergency, please check with your supervisor. If you are not considered priority, please do not travel to campus.

A decision to curtail operations will be announced via the following outlets:

DO NOT call the police department to inquire about curtailed operations.

Transportation: Wildcat Transit and Campus Connector will not operate during curtailed operations. For more information:

Dining: When the university curtails operations on the Durham campus, Holloway Commons and Philbrook Hall will operate from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. All other dining venues will close until the university reopens. For more information:

Access to buildings: Durham campus buildings are locked during curtailed operations. If you must have access during curtailed operations please see your supervisor about obtaining a key. DO NOT call the police department to give you access.

UNH Durham is a walking northern New England campus. Snow and ice are a fact of life in our climate. If we do not declare curtailed operations, all offices are open and all classes are held as scheduled but please use common sense.

  • Wear proper footwear
  • Staff: if you don’t feel safe traveling to campus, stay home and utilize personal time or earned time, or use accrued compensatory time. Prior arrangements must be made with your supervisor to take advantage of another flexible work arrangement as outlined in USNH policy (USY V.C.21) or described on the UNH HR web site:
  • Faculty: if you don’t feel safe traveling to the Durham campus please make special effort to contact your students, especially commuter students, so that no one travels to UNH unnecessarily.
  • To report incidents and injuries:

NOTE: The university’s winter parking ban (WPB) commences January 2nd and concludes on April 1st although start/end dates may be adjusted by official announcement if weather predictions require.  While in effect, the WPB is in force 12:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m., every night regardless of weather conditions.  Make yourself familiar with what lots are open, closed, and when: