Background Checks


New Hires:

  • Budgeted |Benefits Eligible Positions
  • Faculty
  • Adjunct Faculty
  • Adjunct Staff
  • Graduate Appointments 
  • Student Hourly / Work Study Students with Safety / Security Sensitive Duties


  • Current Benefits Eligible Employees:  a background review will be required if the job requires a higher level of review.
  • Rehired Employees: If a background check was completed within the past year or the break in service was less than 120 days, a new background review will not be required, unless there are areas of review required by the job that were not covered in the previous review.
  • UNH Youth Programs: Employees and volunteers working with UNH Youth Programs or Youth Skill Camps are required to undergo a background check before interacting with minors. 

    Frequency and level of check depends upon whether the program meets the State of New Hampshire definition of a Youth Skill Camp and/or that of a UNH Youth Program.

  • Volunteers: Full-time volunteers and part-time volunteers with safety/security sensitive duties.  The cost of volunteer background checks is the responsibility of the home department.

The University of New Hampshire strives to provide a safe work environment. A pre-employment review of a candidate for employment is done to comply with pertinent laws, promote a safe work environment, and to protect the University's assets, including its employees, students, property, and information.

All background check requests are submitted using the online UNH Background Check Request Form:


  1. The initial job posting will include a statement regarding the requirement for a background review.
  2. The hiring department completes and submits the background check request online.
  3. Human Resources reviews all requests. Approved requests will be submitted to the background check vendor.
  4. The applicant is sent an email from the vendor with a link to submit the information required to process the background check request.
  5. Refusal on the part of a finalist to authorize a background review will make the individual ineligible for employment.
  6. The vendor will send the completed reports to Human Resources upon the completion of the verification process.
  7. If there is no record of criminal convictions, the HR coordinator will send an email to the hiring department to confirm that they may move forward with the hiring process.
  8. If there is potentially disqualifying information the HR Partner will communicate results to the hiring department on set criteria as according to policy.

For more information about the background check process visit the Procedures pages.

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