USNH Tuition Benefit Information - Employees and Dependents

USNH Tuition Benefit Plan Information


UNH benefits eligible employees may use the USNH Tuition Benefit to enroll in up to a total of 5 Courses (Credit or Non-Credit) per fiscal year after they have completed their introductory employment period.

The basic measure of the educational benefit is courses rather than credit hours. The total number of courses covered by the tuition benefit for a full-time faculty or staff member is limited to a total of five (5) in a fiscal year. Benefits DO NOT apply to, “short courses,” institutes, or courses offered by other institutions on campuses of USNH.

  • Employee Tuition Benefit Criteria:  For Credit courses the benefit it is applied towards the registration fee and tuition cost at 100%.  For Non-Credit course it is applied towards registration and tuition at 50%.

The USNH Tuition Benefit plan is also available to spouses and legal dependents (under the age of 24) after the employee has been employed for 1 year in a benefits eligible position.

  • Employee's Spouse/Dependent Tuition Benefit Criteria:  Can be used for Credit coursework only and the benefit is applied as 50% of in-state tuition.  NOTE:  Application of the benefit (for spouse or dependent) is pro-rated if the employee is working less than full-time - 100%.   EX:  The spouse/dependent tuition benefit is applicable for all USNH Institutions as 50% in-state tuition but if employee works less that full time, such as 80%, then the spouse/dependent benefit would be 80% of  the 50% in-state tuition.

***IMPORTANT - For eligible employees who request the tuition benefit for their eligible dependents that are admitted as out-of-state students:

If the out-of-state dependent is receiving a merit scholarship (Presidential, Deans or Directors), please note that the amount of the scholarship will be the amount awarded to in-state students since the tuition benefit is based on in-state tuition rates.

View the USNH Tuition Benefit plan details and eligibility requirements.


Eligible UNH employees complete a Tuition Benefit form request online* via WISE.  A request has to be submitted for each semester that the benefit is needed for eligible employee and/or their eligible dependent(s).

To access the Tuition Benefit Form go to, once logged in click on Employee Services and then select the Tuition Benefit Form.

IMPORTANT:  Please note, that completing the online USNH Tuition Benefit request via WISE does NOT register an individual for their course work. 

This is only for processing a financial benefit to the student's academic bill.   The student will still need to register for any coursework with the appropriate campus registration office.

Also, once submitted, please plan on approximately 5 business days for the benefit to be applied to your bill.

If you have questions about the USNH Tuition Benefit, please contact Chris VanHorn at 862-0519 or