Coaching for Performance: Guide for Employees - Annual Review

The Process

Complete the Employee Input form in advance of the first of your two “annual feedback” meetings with your Supervisor. 
(Your supervisor is responsible for scheduling these meetings.) 

The first annual feedback meeting is your opportunity to share what you prepare on the form. You are in complete control of what you elect to share. During the meeting use the form as a reference and share your information verbally. It is important that you not give the Supervisor the form in advance of the meeting or at any time during the meeting. He/she should hear the information directly from you and not be reading ahead. Your Supervisor may ask clarifying questions or take notes.

Give your Supervisor a copy of the form at the end of the meeting.

Form Elements


List and describe at least 3 accomplishments from the past year.  Be specific and include as much detail as possible. 


List and describe at least 3  challenges from the past. Be specific and include as much detail as possible.

Personal Growth: 

Use this section to comment on New Skills/Competencies Acquired; Important Experiences Gained; Relationships Built That Aid Productive Capability – and/or other areas that pertain to your personal growth.   

Career Aspirations:

Think about the future direction of your career including future skill attainment. Career aspirations might include: taking on a new role within the department or elsewhere; increased responsibilities; enrolling in classes, workshops or other training; attaining licenses/certifications/degrees; or even planning steps toward retirement. Whatever your aspirations for your career direction, please share them with your supervisor so he/she will be aware and have the opportunity to support you.

Review of Previous Years’ Goals:

Please list your goals from the previous year and comment on your progress.  Reference your previous review document if needed.

Goals for the Upcoming Year:

Be sure to use the S.M.A.R.T Goals format.  Provide a least 3 goals  for the upcoming year.  Your goals will be finalized in the second feedback meeting. This is an essential piece to your successful performance at UNH.  Please take some time to think about your goals and do not leave this section blank.

  • Specific:  What, why, and how?
  • Measurable:  How will you measure?
  • Attainable:  Is it possible in your current circumstances?
  • Realistic:  Are you willing and able, do you have the resources needed?
  • Time bound:  Schedule and/or deadline?