Coaching for Performance

The process and forms for this methodology of performance management for introductory/annual reviews should only be used by employees and supervisors who have participated in this training delivery.
If you have questions, please contact your HR Partner. 


Process guidelines: 

The Coaching for Performance Approach

  • Role of Manager/Supervisor as a Coach, not as a judge
  • Focuses on the present and future
  • Annual Competencies are individualized
  • Emphasizes ongoing dialogue

 Why Use the Coaching Approach?

  • Fits a 21st century workforce by
    • Moving away from transactional management;
    • Increasing employee engagement, creativity and productivity; and
    • Increasing accountability.
  • Supports Succession Planning
  • Promotes a “Learning Organization” Culture
For staff and faculty using this methodology:

If you missed your department presentations for 'Coach' or 'Coachee', are a new hire employee, or would like a refresher - Please Register for Coaching for Performance modules presented by HR Staff by visiting the HR Training registration site.

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