Coaching for Performance

Please NOTE:  These resources and information are provided for departments and organizations who have already participated in the "Coaching for Performance" management training delivered by the HR staff. 

The process and forms for this methodology of performance management for introductory/annual reviews should only be used by employees and supervisors who have participated in this training delivery. 

Process guidelines: 

The Coaching for Performance Approach

  • Role of Manager/Supervisor as a Coach, not as a judge
  • Focuses on the present and future
  • Annual Competencies are individualized
  • Emphasizes ongoing dialogue

 Why Use the Coaching Approach?

  • Fits a 21stcentury workforce by
    • Moving away from transactional management;
    • Increasing employee engagement, creativity and productivity; and
    • Increasing accountability.
  • Supports Succession Planning
  • Promotes a “Learning Organization” Culture
For staff and faculty  using this methodology:

If you missed your department presentations for 'Coach' or 'Coachee', are a new hire employee, or would like a refresher - Please Register for Coaching for Performance modules presented by HR Staff by visiting the HR Training registration site:

Topics available are:

  • Effective Messaging
  • Emotional Intellience
  • Goal Setting and Professional Development
  • Managing Performance Concerns
  • Motiviating Through Merit