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Flexible Work Arrangements - RE: seasonal Curtailed Operations Information 
Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and New Hampshire State Labor Laws

As an employer, UNH/USNH is subject to the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act as well as New Hampshire State Labor Laws. Below is a summary of the key employment laws of which employees and supervisors should be aware.

Hourly Employees (OS and Adjunct Hourly):

  • Defined as non-exempt and eligible for overtime.
  • Paid by the hour and paid at least minimum wage.
  • Must be paid overtime for any hours worked over 40 in a week. Per USNH policy, approval for overtime hours must be obtained before the hours are worked.
  • Must maintain accurate records of hours worked. Such records are open to inspection at any time by the State Commissioner of Labor or designee.
  • Must be paid for any time worked. For example, if an hourly employee responds to email and/or phone messages outside of work hours, the time is compensable.

Salaried Employees (PATs, Extension Educators, Adjunct Salaried, etc.):

  • Defined as exempt and not eligible for overtime.
  • Must be paid a minimum salary of $455 per week of work.
  • Paid an annual salary, based on the schedule worked in the fiscal year.
Workers Compensation Awareness Information - Regarding Teleworking Arrangements


IMPORTANT:  For ANY teleworking arrangement that is based outside the state of New Hampshire AND prior to beginning that work, the supervisor needs to communicate with the appropriate HR Partner to ensure proper workers compensation and unemployment coverage for that particular state.


Employees with approved teleworking arrangements are covered by workers compensation for injuries sustained during the course of their work related activities. Supervisors should be aware that the most common injuries associated with work from home arrangements are related to the ergonomic set up of the employees home workstation. Resources regarding proper workstation ergonomics are available on the Office of Environmental Health & Safety website:; including a self-evaluation checklist for proper workstation setup.

If an employee is granted work from home privileges and they suffer an injury associated with their surroundings (ie. fall down stairs that don't have railings while going to retrieve a work related item, slipping and falling in their driveway on ice while going to get their laptop from their car, etc.), the university’s workers compensation insurance company may seek recoupment from that employees homeowners or other insurance policies, if applicable.

UNH Flexible Workplace Arrangement Scenarios - helpful samples for supervisors and BSC's