New UNH/USNH Policy Updates

Policy updates approved by UNH/USNH that are applicable to employees will be listed here.  Recent policy updates will remain listed here for at least 12 months.  If you have any questions about these policy changes or need additional information, please contact your HR Partner.



What Changed?

July 2022 Separation Benefits for Terminations Unrelated to Performance With the sunsetting of the COVID-19 Severance Policy on June 30, USNH has revised former separation policies to ensure equity for all employees. The new USNH Separation Policy will replace the former “Lay-off Policy” (USY V.C.10), the “Reduction-In-Force Policy” (USY V.C.9.4) and the “Temporary COVID-19 Enhanced Lay-off Policy,” to address circumstances where employees are separated from employment for reasons not related to performance.
August 2020 Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment Policy The U.S. Department of Education issued final regulations in May 2020 ("Title IX Regulations") that require substantial revision to the procedures by which UNH investigates and addresses allegations of sexual violence and sexual harassment ("Sexual Harassment") that impact members of the university community.
July 2020 COVID-19 Severance Policy This policy will supersede the current USY Lay-off, Reduction-In-Force and new/temporary COVID-19 enhanced lay-off policies, will sunset on June 30, 2022 unless it is made permanent at that time with potential modifications, and is subject to negotiations with each respective collective bargaining group, as applicable. 
August 2019 UTime - Time Off Benefits Effective July 1, 2019 - for status employees not covered by a CBA.  Replaces sections 4.8 - 4.13 of current USNH policies regarding Paid Time Off.  Updates completed in OLPM in August 2019.
May 2019 UNH Cell Phone Policy - update Edited for better clarification
October 2018 USNH Amorous Relationship Policy

USNH adopted policy using UNH's Consensual Amorous Relationship policy as the foundation.  The USNH policy applies to all the USNH institutions and provides more certain guidance.  View Highlights of the policy update.

July 2018 UNH Cell Phone Policy UNH will be eliminating stipends and reimbursements for most employees’ mobile phones and data plans beginning July 1, 2018.
January 2018 USNH Tuition Policy The USNH BOT approved the change to  support employer paid tuition benefits for children of deceased faculty/staff who were employed in a status position for at least one year prior to their death. (Was previously five years). This change now mirrors the eligibility for dependents of active USNH employees.