End of Fiscal Year Reminders

UNH END OF YEAR Reminders for FY19

As the end of the University of New Hampshire fiscal year and summer approaches please keep in mind a few deadlines and important processes related to compliance with state and federal employment laws and UNH/USNH employment and benefit policies. Feel free to contact Human Resources with questions, either through your HR Partner or by calling HR at 862-0501. 

Below you will find information on:

Compensatory Time Payout

Operating staff, with the approval of their supervisor, have the option to receive compensatory time in lieu of pay for time worked over their regular hours in a week. Compensatory time provides time off with pay and is not part of the earned time program.

The option to receive compensatory time is not available to any other employee group, including adjunct hourly paid employees.

Compensatory time will be accrued at 1.5 hours for each hour worked in excess of forty hours in one week. For staff who work a 7.5 hour day or a 37.5 hour work week, compensatory time accrued the first 2.5 hours per week will be at an hour-for-hour rate.

It is important to note that a supervisor/manager cannot require an employee to elect the option of compensatory time regardless of reason. To do so is in violation of employment law.

By policy and employment law, compensatory time will be paid to the employee if not used prior to June 30, 2019.  Information on overtime and compensatory pay are available under UNH “Additional Pay” policies (UNH V.F.7.4.3) at usnh.edu/policy/unh/v-personnel-policies/f-compensation

Earned Time Minimum Usage

Earned Time minimum usage requirements must be met by June 30, 2019.  If requirements are not met, these amounts cannot carry forward into July, 2019.  Information on Earned Time is available on the HR web site at:  www.unh.edu/hr/leaves.

Minimum usage information is available at usnh.edu/policy/usy/v-personnel-policies/employee-benefits/#usyva49 for Operating Staff employees in the Earned Time program.

IMPORTANT:  Starting July 1, 2019, with the launch of UTime, mininum usage is no longer a requirement for hourly-paid (non-exempt) employees.

FY20 Defer Pay Election Deadline – August 1, 2019

Academic year  faculty and flex-year  PAT employees normally receive their pay between the dates of their work appointment. New employees with these types of appointments are automatically set up to receive their pay in this timeframe.

Each year, employees with academic year/flex-year appointments are given an opportunity to elect to spread (i.e. “defer”) their pay evenly over 26 pay periods. For example, an employee who would normally receive pay during 20 pay periods, if electing to “defer”, would receive pay over 26 full pay periods.

Once an employee elects the “defer” pay option, the election remains the same unless the employee requests a change.

The election requires completion of the USNH Defer Pay Selection/Change Form.

You will need to complete the form and return it to UNH Payroll, 2 Leavitt Lane, by August 1, 2019.
Any form received beyond the deadline will NOT be accepted.
 Government regulations do not permit an individual to change the election once the payment year has begun.

Questions may be directed to the UNH Payroll Office at (603) 862-1400 or Human Resources at (603) 862-0501

Tuition Benefit – Important Reminders

Dependent Benefit Eligibility - Children are considered dependent, if at the time of enrollment, they are unmarried, have not reached age 24, and otherwise meet the legal definition of “dependent” as defined by the Internal Revenue Service.

Summer Session Benefit - All Summer Session courses count toward the tuition benefit for the 2019-2020 Fiscal Year, regardless of when the course begins. Please note the FALL Semester will be available for request in WISE starting July 1st.

WISE - Requesting the USNH Tuition benefit (for employee/spouse/dependent) is completed online via the employee’s WISE account and must be submitted for each semester the benefit is being requested for.  Details regarding this benefit's eligibility and instructions on how to request it are available on the HR website at:  www.unh.edu/hr/tuition  For questions regarding this process please call Chris VanHorn (862-0519).

Youth Employment

It is important to remember our responsibilities in hiring youth at UNH. Summer is a time when many youths work on our campus.

No one under the age of 14 may be hired under any circumstances.

Human Resources approval is required before a department hires youth under the age of 16.

The PROCESS for hiring youth at UNH:

If there are questions on the above information, please call Human Resources at 862-0501.