Equity Increase


An Equity Increase is a salary increase that may be granted when an inconsistency in an employee’s compensation is noticed.  Equity increases are not intended to replace or supplement bonuses, merit increases, or reclassifications.  (See USY V.F.9. Other Types of Salary Adjustments.) External market equity increases are awarded when market data suggests an employee’s current base salary is not competitive.  Internal equity increases are awarded when there are inconsistencies in base salary among staff of the same classification that cannot be explained by experience, job performance, education, and other relevant factors.

  • Equity Increase Request Form - Equity increases are not intended to replace, or supplement, merit or reclassification increases, nor are they given solely on the basis of longevity, performance, or workload. Refer to the Quick Facts (page 2 of the form) for appropriate criteria to potentially justify an equity increase.

The form provides a flow chart, indicating where the form is to be sent until it eventually reaches Compensation for approval, as well as some quick facts to proactively clear up the most commonly asked questions and to provide typical areas of justification to assist in completing the form.

Forms must be completed before an increase is promised, as only Compensation can approve equity requests.  Completed Equity Increase Request forms can be emailed to Martha.Gleason@unh.edu if digital, or mailed to HR Services at 2 Leavitt Lane, Durham, NH 03824.