Preventing Unlawful Harassment - Training and Resources

UNH Training Opportunities

This course is assigned to all new employees who are in benefits eligible faculty/staff (excluding AAUP Tenure Track Faculty) OR are adjunct faculty/staff (excluding casual hires) position automatically as part of their new employee onboarding process.  The training assignment notification is delivered to UNH email accounts during their first week, using an FROM line address of - USNH Online Training.



Name / Department


Campus Link

Title IX Coordinator (603) 862-2930
Affirmative Action and Equity (603) 862-2930
UNH Human Resources (603) 862-0501
UNH Clery Act Annual Campus Security Report  (603) 862-1427
UNH Police / Campus Security
For Emergencies ALWAYS dial '911'
UNH Durham (603) 862-1427
UNH Manchester (603) 641-4101
UNH School of Law - Concord


Confidential Support Services

Service/Department Name

Contact Number/
Access Code

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Affirmative Action and Equity   Guide for Reporting Sexual Violence and Harassment and Seeking Confidential Support
UNH Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Program (SHARPP)  (603) 862-3494
UNH Health & Wellness  (603) 862-2856
7-1-1 (TTy)  
USNH Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 1-800-424-1749
 Company Code:  USNH
UNH Pyschological and Counseling Services  (603)862-2090
UNH Chaplain's Association

(603) 862-2053