Coaching for Performance - Review Forms

This page provides access to the appropriate forms for employees utilizing the
Coaching for Performance process for introductory & annual performance reviews.

Coaching for Performance - FORMS for download

Please NOTE:  These forms are to ONLY be used for UNH performance reviews by staff and supervisors who have already participated in the Coaching for Performance training with HR.

If you have any questions about this process please contact your HR Partner.

Introductory Performance Review

(6 Month)

Annual Performance Review

 Employee Input Form - (for employee)

 Employee Input Instructions

 Employee Input Form - (for employee)

 Employee Input Form (Spanish)

 Employee Input Instructions

 Coaching Feedback Form  - (for supervisors)

 Coaching Feedback Instructions

 Coaching Feedback Form - (for supervisors) 

Coaching Feedback Form (Spanish)

 Coaching Feedback Instructions

Coaching for Performance training sessions are delivered by HR staff year round and available for attendance by Staff/Faculty who would like a refresher and for all new hires.

For current Staff/Faculty who would like to revisit the training, go to the HR Training Registration site and register for an upcoming session date. Trainings are currently held on Tuesday mornings at the HR conference room located at 131 Main Street, Nesmith Hall - ground floor (left wing). For directions, please visit:

NOTE:  New hires will be registered automatically by HR as part of their onboarding process/orientation. They will have the opportunity to change their training date they are assigned if there is a calendar conflict.