Employee Exit Information for Supervisors

Please note:  Information for Employees on leaving the University is available at Employee Exit Information & Checklist

Supervisor Responsibilities

The supervisor of a faculty or staff member who is terminating employment with the University has the following responsibilities:

  • Submit an Employee Exit ticket to HR via the Team Dynamix portal online here
  • Contact your Finance  Division to cancel employee's PCard.
  • Retrieve University keys and forward to the Lock Shop, Leavitt Center (2-1437). If applicable, contact security vendor to cancel PIN access for electronically secured buildings.
  • Retrieve any portable computers, electronic devices and office equipment issued to employee.
  • Retrieve UNH ID Card and forward to the Campus Services Office, Memorial Union Building Room 211. Durham campus
  • Retrieve UNH Parking Permit and forward to the Campus Services Office, Memorial Union Building, Room 211 Durham campus.
  • Verify all employee computer accounts have been disabled. UNH IT (Information Technology) will automatically deactivate all IT related computer accounts on the termination date set in the Banner HR system. It is the responsibility of supervisors and managers to follow account deactivation policies for computer accounts managed by departments other than UNH IT. More information can be found online on the IT Account Deactivation page.
    • For UNH Staff, all computer accounts associated with the individual leaving are disabled on termination date.
    • For UNH Faculty, all computer accounts associated with the individual leaving are disabled 90 days after termination date. 
    • For UNH Adjunct Faculty, all computer accounts are disabled 120 days after the end of their most recent job.
  • Log in here to contact Telecommunications:
    • To cancel long distance authorization codes, please visit our web form.
    • To reassign telecom voice and data services please visit Telecomm site.
    • Contact HR Services if employee is a Banner HR user to cancel their Banner HR account and provide the employee’s name and termination date.
    • Cancel a Banner Student account through the IT Accounts Management Tool.
  • Ensure that all work-related files are saved to the appropriate IT server, and are not sitting on the hard drive of the terminated employee’s computer.
  • If there is a need to access the terminated employee’s work-related email, ensure that the emails are archived to a .pst file that has been saved to the appropriate IT server. The IT Service Desk or the department IT SLA can provide assistance.
  • Upon receiving departmental approval to advertise the open position, post the job opening at: jobs.usnh.edu/hr. Contact HR at 862-0503 if assistance is needed.

For Staff  Employees Only:

  • Receive from the staff member a written termination notice of 2-weeks and forward a copy to Human Resources.
  • Notify employee they can schedule an Exit interview with their HR Partner.
  • If applicable, retrieve uniforms.

Employee Responsibilities

A faculty or staff member who plans to leave employment at the University is responsible for the following:

  • Your final payments will be issued in the same manner as previous payments.  Please review your permanent/postal mailing address in WISE and update if necessary. The permanent/postal address is where any necessary communications will be mailed to, including Form W-2.  You will continue to have access to WISE through October of the tax year following your employment end date.   If you don't receive your final W-2, contact HR Services at 862-1400.  Questions can also be directed to HR.Services@unh.edu
  • You will be paid for any unused personal time/earned time in accordance with policy. 
  • Faculty / Staff do NOT keep their UNH Box Accounts Move any personal files in UNH Box to an external Box account prior to your last day.  Update any ownership or access to UNH data in Box  to other members of your department.  Review these IT KB Instructions.
  • Turn in your UNH Photo ID card to Supervisor or Human Resources
  • Return library books to the Library
  • Return PCard to the department
  • Return keys, computers, electronic devices and office equipment to the department
  • Return UNH Parking Permit to the department
  • Contact Accounts Payable if you have outstanding travel advances/vouchers.
  • If you have been issued a personal authorization code to make personal long distance calls log in here to cancel and submit the long distance authorization codes web form.
  • Parking Services will be notified of your termination date. If you have questions in this regard, please contact Parking Services at 862-1010.
  • Remove all business-related emails from personal phone

For Staff Employees Only:

  • Provide a written termination notice to your supervisor at least two-weeks in advance of your departure date.
  • You have the option to schedule an Exit Interview with UNH Human Resources (applies to Staff only).  Contact your HR Partner to schedule a meeting prior to your exit.