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Goksel Yalcinkaya - 2013 Excellence in Teaching Award

Goksel Yalcinkaya, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Paul College
2013 Faculty ExcellenceExcellence in Teaching Award
http://paulcollege.unh.edu/     image by UNH Photographic Services

Beth Kilinc - 2013 Presidential Award of Excellence recipinet

Beth Kilinc, Administrative Director for Study Abroad, Center for International Education
2013 Staff Excellence - Presidential Award of Excellence
www.unh.edu/cie/   image by UNH Photographic Services

Deborah Briand, Academic Student Services Assistant - Justice Studies, COLA
2013 Staff Excellence - Presidential Award of Excellence
http://cola.unh.edu/justice-studies    image by UNH Photographic Services

Elizabeth Stewart - 2013 Excellence in Teaching Award

Elizabeth A. Stewart, Clincial Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy, CHHS
2013 Faculty ExcellenceExcellence in Teaching Award
http://chhs.unh.edu/    image by UNH Photographic Services

Joyce Stone - 2013 Excellence in Teach Award

Joyce R. Stone, Lecturer of Biomedical Science, COLSA
2013 Faculty ExcellenceExcellence in Teaching Award
http://www.colsa.unh.edu/     image by UNH Photographic Services

Winsor Watson - 2013 Jean Brierley Award for Excellence in Teaching

Winsor H. Watson, III, Professor of Zoology, COLSA
2013 Faculty ExcellenceJean Brierley Award for Excellence in Teaching
http://www.colsa.unh.edu/     image by UNH Photographic Services

Jeffrey Bolster - 2013 Graduate Faculty Mentor Award

Jeffrey W. Bolster, Professor of History, COLA
2013 Faculty ExcellenceGraduate Faculty Mentor Award
http://cola.unh.edu/     image by UNH Photographic Services

Denns Britton - 2013 Excellence in Teaching Award

Dennis A. Britton, Assistant Professor of English, COLA
2013 Faculty ExcellenceExcellence in Teaching Award
http://cola.unh.edu/     image by UNH Photographic Services

William Clyde - 2013 Outstanding Associate Professor Award

William C. Clyde, Associate Professor of Earth Sciences, CEPS
2013 Faculty ExcellenceOutstanding Associate Professor Award
www.ceps.unh.edu/     image by UNH Photographic Services

Leslie Couse - 2013 Excellence in Teaching Award

Leslie J. Couse, Associate Professor of Education, COLA
2013 Faculty ExcellenceExcellence in Teaching Award
http://cola.unh.edu/    image by UNH Photographic Services

James Tucker - 2013 Excellence in Teaching Award

James Tucker, Associate Professor of Sociology, COLA
2013 Faculty ExcellenceExcellence in Teaching Award
http://cola.unh.edu/     image by UNH Photographic Services

Steven Tuttle - 2013 Excellence in Teaching Award

Steven D. Tuttle, Associate Professor of Applied Business Management, TSAS
2013 Faculty ExcellenceExcellence in Teaching Award
http://www.thompsonschool.unh.edu/     image by UNH Photographic Services

Kai Germanschewski - 2013 Outstanding Assistant Professor Award

Kai Germanschewski, Assistant Professor of Physics, CEPS
2013 Faculty ExcellenceOutstanding Assistant Professor Award
www.ceps.unh.edu/     image by UNH Photographic Services

Kenneth Johnson - 2013 Excellence in Research Award

Kenneth M. Johnson, Professor of Sociology and Senior Demographer, Carsey Institute, COLA
2013 Faculty Excellence Excellence in Research Award
http://cola.unh.edu/    image by UNH Photographic Services

James Malley - 2013 Award for Excellence in Public Service

James P. Malley, Jr., Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, CEPS
2013 Faculty Excellence Award for Excellence in Public Service
www.ceps.unh.edu/     image by UNH Photographic Services

Subhash Minocha - 2013 Excellence in International Engagement

Subhash C. Minocha, Professor of Plant Biology and Genetics, COLSA
2013 Faculty ExcellenceExcellence in International Engagement Award
www.colsa.unh.edu/     image by UNH Photographic Services

Melinda Negron-Gonzalez - 2013 Excellence in Teaching Award

Melinda Negron-Gonzalez, Assistant Professor of Politics and Society, UNHM
2013 Faculty ExcellenceExcellence in Teaching Award
http://manchester.unh.edu/     image by UNH Photographic Services

John Resch - 2013 Distinguished Professor Award

John P. Resch, Professor of History, UNHM
2013 Faculty ExcellenceDistinguished Professor Award
http://manchester.unh.edu/    image by UNH Photographic Services

Charlotte Cross - 2013 Presidential Award of Excellence recipient

Charlotte Cross, Extension Professor/Specialist - Youth & Family, Cooperative Extension
2013 Staff Excellence - Presidential Award of Excellence
http://extension.unh.edu/   image by UNH Photographic Services

Pamela Bishop - 2013 UNH Professional Advising Award

Pamela Bishop, Academic Counselor - Dean’s Office, CHHS
2013 Staff Excellence - Professional Advising Award
www.chhs.unh.edu/ image by UNH Photographic Services

Regina McCarthy - 2013 Staff Social Justice Award recipient

Regina McCarthy, Assistant Dean, Academic Student Services, UNHM
2013 Staff Excellence - Social Justice Award
http://manchester.unh.edu/    image by UNH Photographic Services

Dale Barkey - 2013 Excellence in Teaching Award

Dale P. Barkey, Professor of Chemical Engineering, CEPS
2013 Faculty ExcellenceExcellence in Teaching Award
www.ceps.unh.edu/     image by UNH Photographic Services

Kevin Sousa - 2013 Presidential Award of Excellence recipient

Kevin Sousa, College Academic Affairs Coordinator - Dean's Office, COLA
2013 Staff Excellence - Presidential Award of Excellence
www.cola.unh.edu/    image by UNH Photographic Services

Faina Bukher - 2013 Stephanie Thomas Staff Award

Faina Bukher, Assistant to the Coordinator, Women's Studies Program
2013 Staff Excellence - Stephanie Thomas Staff Award
http://cola.unh.edu/womens-studies    image by UNH Photographic Services

If you are a UNH Harvard Pilgrim subscriber you are eligible for up to a $500 benefit per year for a health club membership that is payable to a selected participating health club

All you need to do is join a health club from the participating list, then workout at least eight times per month and enter your activity in the log book at your participating health club.  The health club will bill Harvard Pilgrim for that month's membership.

If you have questions or would like to see your health club added to the approved list, call 862-0504.

UNH employees may be entitled to discounts on the purchase of goods and services used in University business, such as supplies, hotel rooms, rental cars, etc. There is also an extensive (and now searchable) listing of businesses offering you personal discounts as a UNH employee.

Check out our Discounts page to see what's offered!

UNH Faculty & Staff can purchase UNH Dining meal plans in blocks of 50, 75, 100 or 150 and pay for them via payroll deduction?  Did you know that UNH Durham's 3 dining halls all have very diverse menus every day including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options?

A Fac/Staff meal plan roll over from year to year and doesn't expire.  For more information and rates please visit UNH Dining's website which features meal plans, menus and nutrition information for all their dining facilities on campus.

You can view your USNH Total Compensation Statements based on your regular appointment status, annual base salary, and benefits in effect at the time of the statement, when you log into your MyUSNHBenefits.net account.

You can view current and past year statements at any time.

Harvard Pilgirm offers health coaching services for our subscribers. HP offers members 18 and older a personalized, telephonic support program, which includes a personal health coach. All coaches are registered nurses who have been certified in lifestyle management coaching, to help members make informed decisions about lifestyle management opportunities.

Support focuses on:

  • Blood pressure control
  • Weight management
  • Exercise
  • Cholesterol management  
  • Nutrition
  • Smoking cessation
  • Stress reduction and life balance

That Healthy UNH's website has an extensive database of wellness resources available to faculty, staff and students here at UNH.  It is searchable by program name, health topic, departments, and eligible population.  Check it out!!!

You can also access the "I am Healthy UNH" community member profiles and the Healthy UNH student blogs on the Healthy UNH homepage.

USNH Health & Wellness has an extensive list of resources that can assist you in reducing STRESS, available through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for UNH benefits-eligible employees. 

Everyone needs help from time to time dealing with life's challenges. Often it's not the unexpected that catches us off guard. It's more likely to be the predictable events and transitions in our lives---things like marriage, the birth of a child, the challenges teenagers present, caring for our aging parents or buying a house---that find us unprepared.  Your EAP is an excellent resource when you feel like you need help dealing with a situation that is troubling you.

That there is an extensive interactive list of UNH Acronyms & Terms available on the HR website?  Please contact the HR office at 862-0519 if you would like to have a common acronym or term added to this list.

Online E-Courses are available through UNH Continuing Education. Use your USNH tuition waiver to register for a Spring/Summer 2015 Online E-Course for credit.  E-Courses may be applied to a degree program and satisfy some general education or discovery program requirements. For more information click here.

You can view 7 different workplace exercise video clips with Linda Hayden, Assistant Director, UNH Campus Recreation, in the HR Video Portfolio.  These are exercise clips of varying length and can be done in your office/workstation as your schedule permits.  Be sure to take regular breaks and get up and move your body about as often as you can throughout your workday in support of your health.

Harvard Pilgrim subscribers are eligible for discounts on many health and wellness programs through Your Member Savings. Discount programs include Eye & Ear, Athletic footwear, Nutrition, and Club memberships such as the Appalachian Mountain Club. For more information access Your Member Savings brochure. 

UNH Employee Fitness Program is available for access and use by all UNH employees and is FREE.  The Employee Fitness Program facility is located in the Field House. The program’s expanded hours of operation during the Academic Year are: (M-F; 6:00-8:00 am & 11:00am - 6:30pm).  For more information about the Employee Fitness Program, visit http://chhs.unh.edu/kin_es/exercise-science-outreach-3

Campus Recreation offers open skate hours for UNH Faculty, Staff and Students.  View the Winter 2015 skating schedule on the campus recreation website and then go rent a pair of skates for $3 and hit the ice at the Whittemore Arena!

Campus Recreation offers open swim hours for the Swasey indoor pool, located inside the Field House.  It is free for UNH Faculty/Staff.   Check out the pool hours, then grab your suit and head to the pool for a few laps.  Towels are provided!

Campus Recreation's Outdoor Adventures offers equipment rental - daily, weekend or weekly rates available.  Want to try camping, climbing, kayaking, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing without having to buy the equipment first?  Check out the Campus Recreation equipment rental page.

You can go to the movies in the MUB for $6.  They have showings every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the Academic Year.  There is popcorn for sale too and MUB Theater II shows film in 3D.  View the movie schedule on the MUB's movie pages.

There are numerous Fitness Resources available for you on campus.  Check out the Healthy UNH Fitness map

There are a variety of routes for running or biking on campus.  You can run on the Atkins outdoor track and the Sweet Oval indoor track located in the Field House, the suspended track in Campus Recreation's Hamel Center (if you are a member), and along the various routes on campus, including College Woods.  Check out the routes, have a good run and be safe!

UNH's Museum of Art is New Hampshire Seacoast's premier art museum -- a center for the visual arts where visitors gather to enjoy changing exhibitions, music, lectures, poetry readings, and receptions. Its permanent collection includes over 1,600 historical and modern works by American, European, and other artists from diverse cultures.

Have you been to the Museum in the Paul Creative Arts Center lately?  If not, check out their current exhibition schedule and plan a visit on your lunch break.

Certified Life Coaching Services are available to you as a employee of UNH, as part of your Employee Assistance Program provider - APS Healthcare.  APS Healthcare's personal life coaching services are convenient, confidential and available to you at no cost.  You can receive telephonic coaching assistance scheduled at times to fit into your busy schedule.  Examples of topics that coaching may focus on include:  Healthy lifestyle changes, career decisions, interpersonal relationship building.

The Campus Journal (CJ) is the UNH Faculty/Staff newsletter published online every Thursday as part of UNH Today during the academic year.  It is your key resource to all news, events, programming and updates that are applicable to UNH Faculty and Staff.  Are you subscribed to receive UNH Today in your inbox yet?

Fidelity Investments and TIAA-CREF representatives are on our campus every month and available for Faculty/Staff to meet with to review your retirement investments, make changes to your investments, and plan for the future?  You can view their schedules on the HR website and make appointments to meet with them.  This is a FREE service for all employees.  Each confidential appointment is 50 minutes, and you can bring anyone with you to your meeting, to assist you in your planning.

The UNH Campus Barnes & Noble bookstore offers a 20% discount on most items in the store for UNH employees.  Show your Faculty/Staff UNH Photo ID Card the next time you are shopping in the UNH Bookstore located on the 1st floor of the MUB.

You can use this Google maps tool to help you track the distance you have walked on the UNH Durham campus today courtesy of Healthy UNH. Use the walking directional to pinpoint your exact walking routes around campus, and see how many miles you walk each day!

Wildcat Workout Project - extended through Spring semester 2015...employees can take advantage of a FREE Boot Camp-style fitness classes, Monday-Friday, led by coaches and fitness professionals from UNH Athletics. This pilot program is a series of 45-60 minute classes that will raise your heart rate, make you sweat, and still get you back to your desk on time. All fitness levels are welcome.  More information here

Are YOU Interested in tracing your FAMILY TREE?  Current students, faculty and staff can access AncestryLibrary.com from anywhere!  Just go to www.library.unh.edu, select Databases and then search “ancestry”.  This  genealogical research database provides information on more than 1 billion names and 3000 databases.  Includes selected census records, births, marriage and death, military, and immigration records.  A Ancestry Library Guide is available too.


UNH Payroll is now part of the HR staff

UNH Human Resources announces 2 new staff members to our HR Team.

Heather Madore and Brenda Stone, formerly from USNH Payroll have joined the UNH HR staff in support of Payroll for the UNH campuses.


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0% Premium Increase for 2015 Medical Plans for UNH Faculty/Staff

Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to let you know that as a result of your continued diligence in helping the university control rising medical costs there will be no increase in the Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare medical plan premiums in 2015. This is especially significant because health...

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News & Announcements

  • May 1, 2015:  SAVE the DATE - 2015 Staff Recognition program will be held in the MUB's Granite State Room from 10-11:45am.

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    February 17, 2015
  • February 13, 2015:  UNH Employee Health Clinic - located at Health Services, has health alert information regarding chickenpox vaccine and measles(MMR) vaccine for employees and dependents 18 or older.

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    February 11, 2015
  • March 2, 2015: Staff (OS/PAT/EE) Professional Development Grant application deadline for 4th quarter of FY15.

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    February 4, 2015
  • January 30, 2015:  W-2's  for Tax Year 2014 are available for all UNH/USNH employees via WISE

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    January 30, 2015
  • Winter 2015:  UNH Durham Employee Fitness Program facility (located in the Field House)

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    January 20, 2015
  • Winter 2015:  De-provisioning Computer Accounts when an employee's status changes or ends is extremely critical.

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    December 4, 2014
  • Winter 2015:  UNH Employee Health Clinic offers FREE "Learn How to Meditate" and "Tobacco Cessation" resources.

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    November 24, 2014